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It’s a disingenuous argument with regards to gender woo. It’s a valid argument in regards other things, for instance, two dudes consensually fucking each other does nothing to harm you or anyone else (cheating excepted).

The trouble with using it for the gender woo shit is that it ignores all the ways that it is actually harming others. Being forced to lie is harmful, and calling men women is a blatant lie - everyone knows it. Surgical interventions and endocrine disruption are both harmful. Suppression of academic investigation is harmful. Using the law to enforced your dogma is harmful.

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two dudes consensually fucking each other does nothing to harm you or anyone else (cheating excepted).

False. Sodomites are vectors of both disease and social decay (child molestation, familial breakup, depressed birth rates, irreligiosity). These WILL affect you even if you have no direct interaction with them.

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both disease and social decay (child molestation, familial breakup, depressed birth rates, irreligiosity)

Please provide sources if you have some and it is best if they are normie friendly, so I can share them more easily

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Disease - Check out monkeypox demographics.

Social Decay - Look who has the most house abuse cases (Hint: Lesbians)

Child Molestation - Baleciaga, Cuties etc

Familial Breakup - Would you stick around with someone who fucks around? I wouldn't.

Depressed birth rates - Check last data on birth index. The countries with most promiscuity are below 2.1

Irreligiosity - One thing I dont see an issue with because I dont need a bible to figure out that you shouldn't do upon other what you wish not be done upon you.

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If you read the Bible in its original languages there's only one single negative remark about homosexuals, Romans 1:18-27. Viewing it more as a punishment for doing bad things, meant to shame the person, and not necessarily evil in and of itself. It was not in the original manuscript (of 1:19-2:11, everything except 2:2's "We know that the judgement of God is according to truth" was added by a later scribe).

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Being forced to lie is harmful.

There's no evading this fundamental reality. It's a snowballing ethical compromise.

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Surgical interventions are usually helpful. Too many people get do them by mistake, but luckily those people are usually like "sex doesn't exist it's a social construct so there's no need to transition".

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Nah, the best studies show suicide attempts go up after surgery.

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Stats I've seen say there's a temporary honeymoon period where the person is pleased. Something like up to 5 years. After that the rates shoot back up. Also note that all the studies I've seen linked which claim that transition works usually only look at a couple years after surgery or up to 5ish years so they use real numbers to cloud the true effect which comes down the line.

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See, I didn't (and, in fact, still don't) have a problem with this bullshit when the people indulging it keep it to themselves. If it scratches some itch in your head to run around as a furry, or a dragonkin, or in women's clothing? Fine, fuck it, you do you.

But they never seem to be able to keep it at home, so to speak. They start to spread it around. They start to demand special consideration for whatever they are. And, almost inevitably, they start demanding punishments for anyone who won't play along. That's when my willingness to mind my business about this nonsense comes to a screeching stop. It's why I utterly loathe the pride crap. It's not because I hate the gays, it's because I hate the lewd faggots who think that their assorted debaucheries and perversions are acceptable public fare, and how they immediately play the "you're a filthy homophobe" card when they face rightful criticism for it.

(And I would be just as displeased if straight people were doing that sort of shit, to be clear. Maybe I'm just a terrible prude, but there's some things that need to be kept strictly private. And if not? Then you don't get to say shit when other people maybe start to put laws in place to deal with your little hobbies, since you're so keen to share.)

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It's exhibitionism. Sexual deviance trends to progress much like a drug addiction and once someone starts "getting off" on the idea of publicly expressing their fetish and enjoying the disgusted negative responses from others it will continue to progress to more and more extreme displays in order to get that response.

Of course not everyone is an exhibitionist, but it's currently a problem with trans stuff specifically since they've found a kind of social loophole where normally, stuff like going out in full BDSM gear will get you unwanted negative attention, society is currently in a trans-infatuation stage and will consider anyone who is negative towards it to be a bigot. This only empowers the exhibitionist elements to be more and more annoying.

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It's why I utterly loathe the pride crap. It's not because I hate the gays, it's because I hate the lewd faggots who think that their assorted debaucheries and perversions are acceptable public fare, and how they immediately play the "you're a filthy homophobe" card when they face rightful criticism for it.

That's how I view pride parades too. I want them banned. They are obscene and they trick gay people into thinking that it's okay to behave like animals.

What happens in private between consenting adults in private is nobody's business as long as there's no adultery or incest going on. But if you do that in public and expect me to not only be okay with it but also cheer it on, then yes, it becomes my business. So I have every right to be against it.

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I think the whole idea of the public pride parade is deeply flawed. It's basically asking for negative attention. If they want to do private events of the sort at adult establishments I frankly couldn't care less. Just don't involve kids. That's it.

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Agreed. No kids involved.

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You do need to be careful to make sure you hate the bad ones less than you don't hate the good ones. Otherwise your impulse will become "burn it all down" and you'll forget that the latter even exists. Way too many people have made that mistake since June 2020, and I'll let you guess why.

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and you'll forget that the latter even exists.

That, I like to think, isn't going to be a problem for me. I'm regularly reminding myself that not all homosexuals are faggots, not trans are troons, and the like. That the bullshit really is coming from a shrieking minority (and their boosters), and most of the people in those groups are just doing their thing with no hassle for anyone else.

It's not easy to remember, but I keep it in mind precisely because I don't want to be one of those "burn it, burn it all" types. Just turning off my brain and starting to foam up at the mouth like entirely too many other people seem to love doing is as bad as what the people I loathe are doing (IMO, any way).

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I don't know what happened. Before June 2020 most of those on the more conservative side of the aisle had some common sense and actual values, contrary to the strawman depiction of them. But then in June 2020 everyone completely lost it. It's almost as if they're doing it solely to piss off libtards. That's a horrible low, as low as said libtards, and extremely dangerous. They're willing to abandon everything and hurt loads of innocent people just to get some petty payback. They're only destroying themselves, and feeding into the narrative that everyone on the right is a fascist who loves Hitler. But at this point they're like, "yeah why not".

On a spiritual level the real plot is to weed out true Christians and round them up in concentration camps. This "new right" isn't even remotely compatible with Christianity. They already hate Jesus, they tell you "believe in him but avoid his teaching like the plague". They're all going to convert to something else (Islam?), or become atheists and naturalists, and then with their newfound love of the dictatorship they will join the left in rounding Christians up and putting them in concentration camps. Watch it happen, unless something else intervenes.

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Corona happened, everyone went online during lockdowns, internet made borderline people crazy, normal social connections that prevented people from normally sliding down internet rabbit holes went away, discourse got more and more unhinged on both sides of the fence, normies and people with regular opinions either left voluntarily if they were non-combative or got banned and pushed out via mob mentalities if they were argumentative.

End result everyone has become radicalized politically. Normal social dynamics are broken and won't return to normal unless people are proactive in reforming social bonds.

Simple rules. Don't discuss religion or politics at the dinner table, or on Facebook. I might be inclined to agree with my cousin's on opinions of how colonialism was bad for the Indians and they were subjected to inhumane conditions for example, but ranting about it at the dinner table during Thanksgiving is not appropriate, and going to whine about how everyone is mean to you on Twitter is even less so. I'm not the one stirring up drama by suggesting you not be invited, quite the opposite. I want less drama. That's why I suggest we don't invite the annoying cunts so the rest of us can enjoy our rare opportunities to see each other.

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That makes sense, but I still don't understand why most conservatives did a 180 instead of trending towards ancap or something. The only explanation I can think of is they're just that fed up.

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Most didn't, social media amplified the voices of the crazies that have always been present and the less crazy either got bullied into silence, expelled from conservative circles for not being crazy enough, or succumbed to the crazy. Same things happened on the left.

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No, it's definitely most of them. Most people I know irl are conservatives, and they are all acting like this except for me.

3 years ago they were mostly reasonable and just wanted to be left alone and live their lives freely, not censored and have their freedom taken away by crybabies and tyrannical governments, and loved America and its founding values.

Now they're obsessed with silencing viewpoints they don't agree with, they worship vengeance, they don't care about anything but being the victors, they value conformity and want a strong state to enforce it, they want to legislate morality, some of them want to make being gay or trans a crime, they think mental illnesses don't exist, they hate free markets, they think America and freedom are degenerate, they want to go back to strict gender roles where women can't even vote, etc. Another huge difference is they now hate Jesus and the New Testament (except for the pastoral epistles and Revelation, and Romans 1:18-32 and 1 Corinthians 14:34-35), which for a large portion of them used to be central to their lives. They used to be wary of the world and the flesh and "science", now they consider the spiritual evil and demand exclusive attention to worldly matters. They've become exactly what they used to hate.

And of course the leftist media is going to use this to their advantage, because it feeds into their narrative that everyone is a Nazi. Part of me thinks the only reason they're doing this is to get a reaction out of the left. At any rate I now look crazy because I'm literally the only one left who remembers what half of the country used to believe in.

The exact point when this happened almost overnight was when the George Floyd protests turned into a literal great fire. I remember watching them seethe and leave behind all their principles in search of a way to cleanse us from these people. What happened was this incident changed their view of the left to anarchists rather than socialist authoritarians (which is what they really are). And since politics is so reactionary and dominated by anger and hatred and fear, they immediately ran to other side of the fence. "Whatever the left hates most, that's what we should do." And that's fascism, or at least that's what the left claims despite being fascists themselves, and the right was stupid or desperate enough to believe them.

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The gender ID stuff explicitly requires everyone else to participate so it can't be kept to themselves.

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I find it analogous to religion: You should be legally allowed to believe anything, but anyone who demands that I celebrate narcissistic behavior and vocally agree with denying empirical reality is making a social imposition on me; That's when I start to care. When the same people infiltrate and destroy communities, groom teenagers online, or openly fantasize about raping their political enemies, that is harming others and I am justified to oppose such behavior.

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They are just letting you know they don't care about other people, only virtue signalling.

They literally don't give a shit about anyone.

They could be hanging delusional girls from lampposts to affirm their gay-muslim identity and those people would not give a flying fuck.

Look at this piece of shit.

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Those people lack empathy, they'd sing a different tune if this shit ended up on their doorstep. If it were their opportunities being stolen, or their child being told their body is wrong, or if they were facing social pressure to date outside their sexual preference, or even if it were themselves being pressured into thinking there's something wrong with them because they don't conform to gender stereotypes. And what about fucking truth? Does truth not matter to these people?

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But, that's part of a bigger problem than genderwoo: because they lack empathy, they wouldn't sing a different tune, because the tune they sing is "Look how special I AM". They lose opportunities, "look how special I am for stepping aside to give [x] an opportunity!", child's body is wrong, "Look how special I am for being the parent of a [insert]gender child!", social pressure, "Look how special I am for having a partner who is [x]!"

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It's completely ignorant of how narcissism works. It requires external participation and therefore is never kept a secret to oneself.

Furthermore, they harm both themselves and others by perpetuating this narcissistic mentality as acceptable. It normalizes the idea that selfishness is unchallengeable and reality and other people's feelings are cruel obstacles to your personal satisfaction, which is always just one step out of reach because of other's unwillingness to submit to your whims. It's inherently inhuman, in that we're social animals who have certain shared responsibilities to each other we must respect, but this mindset says that's all just bullshit meant to keep you from having better sex.

Every time you "just let them be", you're letting misanthropic, myopic, destructive selfishness win.

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It's entirely human, because narcissistic, selfish control freaks are what humans and all forms of life naturally are.

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Misanthropic then. Yeah it's human behavior but it's antisocial, against common good. Empathy is good for survival.

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It's fine for them to be who they want. But it's another thing to broadcast it as normal via the media and social conformity. Why should the fringe shift the norm?

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It was a decent point when gays were all about just wanting to live their lives like everyone else. Remember those halcyon days?

It becomes a terrible "gotcha" when this line of thought directly leads to the mutilation of healthy children (hell, even the mutilation of otherwise physically healthy adults), giving predatory men free passes into women's and children's spaces, encourages or creates mental illness in preteens and teens, allows men to take opportunities from women in sports and education, and encourages the flaunting of bedroom fetishes in public.

It does affect me directly, and people I care about directly. It affects me when I've had several issues with troons in women's bathrooms at night clubs, when my niece was one of those girls who wasn't able to compete because a teenage boy won a track race, when I can't go on a lesbian dating app without being bombarded by actual dudes. I can go on but you get the point, I'm sure.

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Another thing is you never hear this argument about over health issues.

You maybe heard people say "if people want to smoke and it makes them happy then let them get on with it" 30 years ago but not much since.

Activities which damage your health are now seen as pretty much fair game for criticism and even government intervention so why is medical transition any different?

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I don't care how people choose to identify themselves. They have that right.

My issues with this are twofold.

  1. Medical transitions being done for profit. We are essentially taking people with mental health issues and telling them "you need expensive cosmetic surgery and lifelong hormone treatments to be happy" this clearly benefits the medical industry. I'm less confident it doesn't exasperate the mental health issue. And currently the vetting system that existed in the past with regards to gender transitions has been largely removed to the point it's become a rubber stamp and people are self medicating with hormones. Long term this is going to create more problems. We are essentially using a whole generation of kids as a medical experiment now, they'll have to live the rest of their lives with the consequences of that. They're also impressionable so how much is self identification and how much is due to adult influence is questionable.

  2. Forcing me to accept them.

I'm fine with someone who wants to call themselves a bunch of weird made up pronouns, so long as they are fine with me thinking that's stupid and refusing to participate. If someone I know identifies as trans and I think, maybe this person isn't actually trans but is just gay and in denial because they don't want to upset their parents, I can't actually say that without risking job and reputation. Largely due to mob mentalities that will leave you the target of online harassment which can spill over into real life.

The problem here is that I'm expected to call people "they/them" or "it" or some other made up fantasy pronoun they've just invented and I refuse to do so because I believe it to be demeaning and dehumanizing to call someone "it". But my beliefs in the matter are completely disregarded and I am "forced" to engage in something that I feel is morally wrong.

There is also clearly a double standard in place, as these people will claim they respect "all" pronouns. But if I refuse to list preferred pronouns they get mad. If I right my preferred pronouns as "your majesty" or "Stu/pid" they get mad, and refuse to use what I say are my preferred pronouns simply because they've decided mine are not valid. But I can't go ahead and decide not to use theirs. It's a double standard.

My preferred pronouns are "nigger" and "retard". Because I believe these words best describe my spiritual awakening. Refusing to use them is deeply offensive to me. Racist, and ablist as well.

With this situation frankly, and I'm sure it's contributing to the problem, I simply decide that anyone listing their pronouns or holding any kind of non-binary gender identity or whatever is too dangerous socially to have any kind of relationship with. And that is problematic as I know I'm not the only person who feels this way and it will lead to these kinds of people becoming even more socially isolated into their own echo chambers which will breed even more crazy going forward.

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The moment you're starting being annoying, it can be considered hurting me.

Your freedom ends where my freedom starts.

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If being annoying were illegal we'd be living in even more of a police state.

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Where did I say it should be illegal?

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Yes. I agree.

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But they are bothering you.

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Mind your own business and you won't be minding mine. Simple.

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Because they are mentally ill victims of our govt and corp poisoning their bodies and minds.

Indulging them not only supports degeneracy and is an attack on normal, healthy peoples identities but it does those mentally ill a disservice too.

They need to seek proper treatment for their gender/body dysmorphia and try to resolve the imbalances instead of further deluding themselves that they are "normal" and "healthy".

Catering to this is akin to just handing an alcoholic that extra pint along with the car keys and saying "Have fun! You deserve to be happy!"

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Well, that’s an understandable concern. I would say this argument shouldn’t apply to all differences between people. For example, someone having eccentric life philosophy or being into some subculture is not always harmful.

However, with gender identities, it should always be a concern. I agree with you. Not only these people are not getting real help (I’m talking about these with any legitimate dysphoria and mental issues) but they also promote harmful identities and coping mechanisms. They harm themselves and others.

Technically, if some people were capable of believing that a man can become a woman and vice versa or that you can be “agender”, they might as well believe that paedophilia is not harmful, that fire doesn’t burn, that you can cure broken bones by walking on glass, etc. This is scary what pointless things became normalized and how they started to affect some social groups, even whole societies and countries.

Reminds me how I was browsing r/nursing some days ago and in the sub rules I came across two contradictory things. One rule was to not promote pseudoscience and the other was to not show bigotry and transphobia was included. Apparently any criticism of trans thing might be discarded by influential voices as “not scientific”, “hateful”, etc. It’s only a matter of time when public will finally see worse and worse cases of lives wretched by it or people who used it to get away with their depravity.

Only last month I talked with a few nonbinary idiots in real life (a very rare event). They were all girls (well, young women but I’d be capable of saying they were no different to me from teenagers). The amount of self-hate and pandering to perverts, including TIMs is uncanny and scary.

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I think most people who reflexively support gender woo are ignorant - willfully or not - of the real impacts of it.

I don't care how people self-identify either, as long as I'm not required to participate in it, or accept the redefinition of words like 'woman' in society and law, or be subjected to the presence of males in places where I am in states of undress, or lose opportunities designated for women to men. I'm also not a big fan of hormonal and surgical interventions used on minors without appropriate medical evidence or safeguarding.

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You will not strip away the security of the queer race and future for trans babies. Bigot if forcing people to transgender themselves against their wills makes me happy and doesn’t hurt you then why do you care?

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I guess I'm one of those, but with the caveat that while you're pursuing whatever otherkin gender you want to pursue, don't try to force me into your little language/pronoun games. That's where I draw the line.

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Hell I am firmly in the "you do you" camp and pretty much always have been, however try and force me to play along when I don't want to ot push me out of my comfort zone and you are not going to enjoy the resulting encounter.

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I dont like it either, its spreading quite literally like a virus where youth are exposed to it during their developmental years and become trans themselves. Entire friend groups all at once


It also bugs me how we have to take part in it. Like if theres someone obviously a girl but identifies as male, we have to go against our common sense and obvious knowledge to say "he" instead of "she". Why cant it just be socially acceptable to say "i am not a part of the trans movement so I will be calling you as I percieve you, no offense". They deny reality and spit in the face of anyone who doesnt assist them in living a life of self denial

My roommate invited a bunch of people over and one of them is trans and very obviously a girl - Im not looking forward to the meetup because I cant even begin to bring myself to refer to a small skinny woman as a man. It feels like speaking a direct lie

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Dicks are like religions. It's fine to have one, it's fine to be proud of it, but it's no OK to shove it down people's throats. Same with gender nonsense. Yeah it's fine if you "identify" as whatever. But as soon as you involve unwilling people in your silly game, it ceases to be harmless.

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I'm getting really tired of "consenting adults" rhetoric. Yes, consent is important, but consent alone is not a moral standard. I assume we're all on the same page about "consenting" to self-harming behavior so I won't elaborate on that point for now.

The Neo-liberal victim-oppressor dichotomy has diluted the meaning of "consent" to be synonymous with personal preference. The professional victim can cry "I don't consent!" to their material conditions, to the predictable outcomes of their actions, to the society in which they live, to other people's opinions about them, to other people's earned or unearned success over them, and even to reality itself. They view these things as "injustices" from which they and only they deserve to be "liberated" by any means necessary.

Queer Gender Theory is the reducto ad absurdum of this Neo-liberal Narcissism bordering on Solipsism. A male self-identified as TQ+ did not "consent" to be born male, so his maleness must be null and void like a faulty contract, and everyone is obligated to pretend it never happened.

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But they are harming other people. They are forcing others to change our language and the way we communicate and perceive just to go along with their delusions. And that is why I despise transgender ideology.

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They are harming me by trying to gaslight me into believing their bullshite.

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"Live and let live" doesn't really work when you're only living and letting live pertaining to you in particular. The second someone says "Hey, guys! This issue is really causing me some problems here" and your reaction is to shrug and say "Well it doesn't affect me, soooo" you just show yourself up as lazy at best, an uncaring coward at worst.

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It is a bullshit argument because it is a lie; they are harming gay people with it. They are sending the message that sexual nonconformity means you have a disease and need constant medical attention.