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I'll maintain that protests aren't the best way to deal with these and just turn into an attention circus.

I'd just recommend that normal people attend these in mass when they come to their communities and play the roll of an unreceptive audience. Don't clap, don't cheer, just fill up the seats and sit there, with notepads, and write down the sorid details of what exactly they are doing. They'll get skeeved out and won't come back.

And if you see anything inappropriate or borderline illegal. Just all go file a report with the cops and start an investigation. The cops might be able to ignore singular reports. But if you get 100 people who attended one of these events all filing reports that is difficult to ignore.

I don't think sign waving and yelling and otherwise engaging in "activism" does much good besides create buzz for the media to get rich off of.

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Or book all the seats and don't show up.

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In Windsor we are taking other measures too.

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Does it involve a hydrant and a water hose? Because that would be swell.

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Nope. Rob made some flyers (remind me and I can photo/share them). And there are many other things in the mix. I don't know enough and/or don't care enough to remember the details. I'm not working with Rob if I can help it. Long story. Plus I have too many of my own projects to work on.

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Drag queen storytime is a symptom. The real illness is at home, where the parents are teaching this shit to their kids and then bringing them to events like this.

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There was one report of such an event an all the mothers were loving it while the kids were just scared or confused.

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Social media addiction for women is what porn addiction for men is like. Women need that dopamine hit even at the expense of their children.

Feminism has been an unmitigated disaster for the West.

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False partly.

Perverse parents are problematic to be sure, but there are few of them compared to the existential real larger systemic problem of top-down bullshit from the ruling class who dictate to our corrupt governments and twisted educators what to teach.

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This perversion is everywhere certainly but the parents are the first line of defense, and if they aren't shielding their kids from sick shit like rainbow drag queen dildo story hour, then there's little hope left for the kids.

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MANY parents are now organizing. Sadly many have been oblivious to what's been orchestrated from above and behind the scenes. We need to attend city hall, school meetings, etc.

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It's unlikely that even these particular parents would have thought up the idea without it being shoved onto them. Some drag queens decide and or some autogynephiles pretending to be drag queens decide to do this and then the adults who are obsessed with being performatively woke will crawl over glass to prove how moral they are by bringing their kids.