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I realized that over 95% of these people aren't transsexuals. Research shows that transsexualism is most likely caused by prenatal and neonatal hormone imbalances. The rest of them are:

  • porn-addicted men
  • confused adolescents (often groomed by the porn-addicted men)
  • girls and young women scared of their own sexuality

After seeing so much filth from troons on the internet I probably wouldn't even go along with the fiction of a bona fide transsexual.

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After seeing so much filth from troons on the internet I probably wouldn't even go along with the fiction of a bona fide transsexual.

Okay see this is the trap the devil set and you were supposed to fall for. This is a multi-layered psy-op, and just because you didn't fall for one doesn't mean you haven't fallen for another. The government wants everyone to hate each other, because uniting against a common enemy is the cause of fascism. And it doesn't matter to them who wins, as long as they get to burn the Constitution and have free reign over all things. First they got the left, and now they're getting the right using the left's insanity. It's a genius plan really. And deadly for the rest of us.

Don't blame people by association. Do not fight evil with evil, but overcome evil with good.

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The government wants everyone to hate each other, because uniting against a common enemy is the cause of fascism

I'd say it's the other way around; a united group will have power to demand reforms that make their lives better, better salaries, work conditions, education- basically democracy. This is not in the interest of capital, nor the ruling class, and they do anything to prevent it. I didn't think it would be a big deal, but apparently it's enough for them to go to great lengths to prevent.

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A united group is generally brainwashed and WAY too powerful. You need to realize that humans are a sick tribal species who demand unquestioning obedience, or else they'll have fun torturing you. An oligarchy is bad enough. An entire society united against all non-confromants is how you end up with Soviet Russia, North Korea, Communist China, Fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany. As a matter of fact, that's why it's called socialism. And that united society usually institutes its cult leaders as the elites anyway. Like all of those countries.

Furthermore, when everyone else is doing something, it takes away all guilt for most; because most only feel guilty as far as they upset social norms. A united mass will therefore have even less of a conscience than the elites do now.

Fascism in particular arises when a whole society is not only united, but joining forces against a common enemy. The Germans united against the Jews. The communists united against the rich. SJWs united against white Christians. The "new right" is uniting against SJWs and anything they've co-opted. At that stage the ends justify the means, and the society is willing to commit the most morally reprehensible deeds imaginable to destroy the enemy. All non-conformants are automatically considered an enemy and must be eradicated. Hatred for the enemy trumps everything else, even the reason that enemy is an enemy in the first place. It's blind rage and revenge, and they don't even realize they're destroying themselves inside out. Evil nature is at its fullest and the society will needlessly torment those it declares enemies for amusement, without so much as an afterthought. Anyone who doesn't take a side is regarded as the enemy from all coalitions. For example, since I'm not joining the new political bandwagons, I'm regarded as part of "the problem" by everyone. SJWs accuse me of being a far-right white supremacist bigot. And the "new right" considers me a leftist degenerate. Destroying the enemy is all that matters to them, even if they destroy themselves in the process. They don't even remember who they are.

This is not the same as a loosely united force against an oppressor, such as the elites, a tyrannical state, a cabal, or whatnot. Nor is it the same as boycotting. This is when it gets to the point where a certain group of people is so despised that they become the scapegoat for every single problem the world has, and the people are willing to use brutal government action to watch them go down. For instance, the Jews. It stopped being about taking a stand against the elite Jewish cliques who are racist against goyim and super greedy, and became "all Jews are the boogeyman, let's torture them and kill them all and get our revenge!". Now tell me that doesn't sound exactly like: "all white people are racist", "all men are rapists", "Christians are bigots", "black people are all criminals", and "LGBT people are destroying society". It isn't about political oppression anymore; it's all about social categories one party or another dislikes. And those who used to fight for freedom are now embracing tyranny to wipe them out. With not even a thought about the consequences.

I cannot stress this enough: Humans cannot be trusted!

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Very good reply. Back when I had queer & trans friends (see my comment), I felt disgusted with how they demanded respect for their identities and orientation but would make fun of someone just on the base of being straight or Christian. It never stick up with me, back in my LGBT-friendly days I would say I respect them but demand them to respect others too, to not use illogical arguments and attacks. They didn’t care anyway, in their eyes they were clearly superior for not being cis-hetero-normative.

Seeing how many other people of their community whom I never knew (but are active online) can be aggressive, it shocks me. I remembered the troons who send CP to people they consider TERFs (mostly women) and it’s so sick. At first I thought such people only want to be respected and their existence is sad but then I realized they’re a part of abuse system themselves; supporting it with their narcissism or active attacks on others.

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I guess I don't share your cynicism.

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History repeats

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And thats a good thing

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Thank you! Organising with like minded people is how we get shit done. Fascism happens when there's a single power enforcing things, not when there's multiple groups of people cooperating and reaching consensus. Smaller groups with shared goals work better.

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But you forget that honestly, the one thing that is more powerful than humanity's evil in large groups is that humankind is inherently lazy. Humanity is evil, but they want to get shit done while doing the least amount of shit to do it.

With that in mind, you end up with how society is right now by putting one half of the world against the other half of the world...and then you get all the benefits of authoritarianism while you literally don't have to do anything. You just put one "tribe" against "the other", and then once this happens, you don't even have to do anything to break society because the two sides know they'd only be truly happy seeing their "other" miserable, and they would gladly trade their own happiness for the other side's misery. They would quite literally let you lead them to the gallows and put their head in the noose to let you kill them, as long as you promised when you did the same to someone of their other, you'll swing the rope a little bit and make it HURT more.

This was the worst thing the pandemic taught the world- it taught us all even the threat of a general strike by everyone in the country would get the people literally anything they want...and it also taught us each half of the country would simply say "Me doing this little thing would make you happy? Well, I won't DO IT then. I bet you're SOOOOO pissed off you couldn't make me do this, AREN'T YOU?"

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Bur right now is in fact closer to a united society than before. Currently you have to be on one side or the other, and they both demand that you conform 100%. Imagine if by some insane circumstance they joined forces, or if one side won. That would be horrific. Previously we had a two party system, but they were made up of loosely connected groups of people with more diverse beliefs. And they were more concerned with their own principles and agenda than destroying their opponents.

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But no matter how united society is, that adds the biggest difference that breaks things even beyond the two-party system, which ties into the SJW ideology as well: Humanity might be the most self-centered they have ever been, to a point where they bypass being self-centered, go past arrogant, and go into openly evil. It's not even something you can chalk off to "humanity is inherently this" thing, since this only happened en masse in the last 100 years and it keeps going and going, and now it's at critical mass.

With this in mind, people may "claim" to be on one side or the other of everything- politics, class, minority or majority group, fandom, what have you, but people's true "side" is really "It's Me against the world. There's me, there's my side of the people who agree with me and, better yet, agree to bow down to me and accept me as the God of this new world, and there's everyone else, who are all utter monsters who need to be purged in order to better spread how awesome I am and how utterly perfect I am." SJW culture represents a good example of the problem here: The concept of social equality is right and people SHOULD be given a level playing field for all, and pretty much everyone can agree with that...but the big thing getting in their way is that inevitably, when they're starting to make a big step forward, they splinter off and compartmentalize any difference they have to make the group smaller and smaller until every singular person is at each other's throats. The big tragedy of the woke is that whenever the SJWs are about to drive a stake into Voldemort for good, it fails because they can't stop arguing over who gets to be Harry Potter and they lose their chance to make real change.'s not about 'one side' winning, because it rears its ugly head that their 'side' is 'Me against The World."

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You don't know history if you think this is new. Research what horrors every single ancient society did to those who didn't stand in line. It'll make you glad to have been born in this time.

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But that's part of my point. A culture that does those horrors to those who didn't stand in line is a culture that suppresses people's own individuality for the greater good. When they do those things to those who don't stand in line, you support "maybe I just have to accept I was dealt a bad hand and accept being a peasant if it keeps me and my family alive for one more day", and the people who go "I am the most special human being to ever live, worship me!" are the ones who are made an example of by the people who really have power to teach those peasants not to try to look for something above their station.

By contrast in the modern time, the culture is about every person truly believing they're special and they deserve to be raised on a pedestal, even if they're really not in any way, shape, or form- which is the exact opposite to what you're claiming.

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You basically admitted to being evil. Already the only reason people want to stay alive is because we're brainwashed into believing this life is actually good, when really it's absolutely vile. And you want it to be even worse?!

The people who think like yourself are the ones who raise themselves on a pedestal most of all, thinking they have the right to control everyone because they're superior to everyone. Are you a sadist who enjoys others' pain? Even if people must be purged, it's pointless to torture them! What "greater good" do you speak of? What good is a greater good if no one can have any good things from it, and in fact faces many bad things because of it? Or are you seeking to please devils?

The only way anyone can be raised on a pedestal is by being raised higher than others. By positioning yourself in such ruthless authority you are putting yourself on a very high pedestal. And it will result in your own demise when you can't live up to your own standards.

And I must warn you of this: if you think you're in the clear, being inherently above others by divine right, the rulers are using you as much of a pawn as anyone else, and they are only using their favoritism of you to hurt you more later. They only want to pile up charges against you, so they can make you reincarnate, and then you won't be so lucky anymore. Don't let your pride blind you. The only solution is to rid of the world itself, which is awful from its very foundations. And in order to not stay in the system you must renounce the system, including what we call justice. I can show you how, if you care.

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I realized that over 95% of these people aren't transsexuals.

I have never met the 5%. For all I care they don't actually exist.

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I used to be a TRA and identified as non-binary.

I can't remember when I first peaked but I think it was an article by Debbie Hayton spelling out why the trans movement would actually backfire on transexuals.

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Why did she think it would backfire? Is it the reasons we're seeing right now?

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Basically because women supported transsexuals because they assumed they were all gay men having an identity crisis, so not a threat to them and they actually put effort into passing and fitting in.

However in the transgender movement 90% of mtf are actually straight men with a fetish so they are a big threat. They are literally perverts letting their dicks control their lives.

Letting those people into women's spaces would cause crimes and lead to a backlash against all troons and all of them would be kicked out of the women's, which is now something people are campaigning for so he has been proved right.

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I have trouble buying that 90% figure. Online absolutely, there are lots of people who transition their online persona to act out a trans fetish, it may even be higher than 90%. But in real life not so much, the stakes are far higher and a real transition would destroy the kink. Self-ID'd transvestites exist, but you don't see them every day. This is why so many trans forum moderators turn out to not be so in real life. Or if they are, they only crossdress, and aren't on hormones or only took them just enough to grow breasts.

I would say real transsexuals are definitely a minority, but there are other false positives. Such as trying to gain access to womens' bathrooms and locker rooms, cheat at sports, or probably most commonly, the social contagion or confusion induced by "professionals". "You like pink so you definitely can't be a man!". Or lies such as "this is why your life sucks, if you transition everything will be solved!".

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The 90% figure comes from Blanchard who did years of research into men wanting to transition.

If anything, it's even higher now.

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Blanchard only supposes two causes, and any case not caused by internalized homophobia he assumes is AGP. But there is also the social contagion, being groomed, wanting special treatment, confusion, trying to take advantage of women, wanting to fit in, mental disorders, gender dysphoria, and many more. Of course he did his research before the trans agenda, so most of the causes we have now barely existed back then; and genuine gender dysphoria is rare enough that those cases could have easily been overlooked as anomalies.

I also think having an online outlet might actually decrease irl AGPers.

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Ah I see. Yeah it wasn't something I ever would have thought of either until it became obvious.

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And now you hate transsexuals too.

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For me, it was a process rather than a singular moment. I grew up in a very lefty family, and just reflexively assumed that transgender people had some sort of biologically distinct marker the way homosexual people do, and that transwomen were all the HSTS Blaire White types.

Of course, back in the day, nobody actually believed 'transwomen are women'. They were men with issues, mostly to be pitied. they weren't imposing themselves on others, and you just ignored them, or treated them humanely, and let them go about their lives. I assumed 'bathroom bills' were all in bad faith, because transwomen were visibly distinct from men. Ah, those were the days...

Over the years, I started to see things that bothered me. An article about a Dutch transman who sought and received assisted suicide because of a botched phalloplasty. She had transitioned because her abusive mother hated her and blatantly favoured her sons. I wondered why doctors would approve a transition under such circumstances?

A formerly female-only spa I used to go to in Toronto had to change its 'clothing optional' policy because men who said they weren't men demanded access.

Then, the debacle with Jordan Peterson and 'compelled speech'. I remember my sister telling me he was making a big fuss over nothing, because when have you actually known anyone who uses neopronouns like they/them in real life (spoiler: I now work with three). I did not like the idea of compelled speech and it felt very wrong to me, though I couldn't articulate why.

Then later, I saw a headline in the CBC about a transwoman fighting for her rights in B.C. I was already feeling I wasn't 'into' trans at this point, but I figured I should educate myself. And that's how I learned about Jessica fucking Yaniv. I kept waiting for the big LGBT orgs to publicly disavow what this pedophilic, racist, predatory nut was doing, but none of them would. It was clear they were all waiting to see how far he could take his case.

Then Meghan Murphy came to town and there was a massive outcry and counterprotest. I read articles about it on the news and noticed everybody was talking about her but nobody was talking ~to~ her. I reluctantly watched one of her events on YouTube expecting it to be extremist lunacy and surprise! it was just .... women talking about womens rights.

Lastly, meeting two AGP clowns while my boyfriend and I were out to dinner, minding our own business. Big hulking troons with caked on makeup, fishnets, etc. 'Zelda' disappeared to the washroom for an inordinate amount of time, while the other struck up a one-sided conversation with me, unbidden. Told me all about his lack of a job, how he always carried a gun, how nobody fucked around with them on the street because Zelda was ex-military (and looked it, too). Kept trying to convince me to go to the local drag bar. It was creepy as fuck and I was very aware that these were men, and I was very aware that if I said what I was thinking, there was going to be trouble. Any residual sentiment I had of being an 'ally' died that night.

After that encounter I started diving into the trans stuff in force, discovering r/gendercritical and r/dropthet, watching GC YouTube videos, learning about the real-life impact of gender ideology and legislation on women and gays.

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Of course, back in the day, nobody actually believed 'transwomen are women'. They were men with issues, mostly to be pitied. they weren't imposing themselves on others, and you just ignored them, or treated them humanely, and let them go about their lives.

This. It worked out strangely that people more plugged into social justice issues were the first to notice the crazy trajectory and people who were a bit asleep at the wheel kept defending the TRA stuff. As soon as they started trying to claim trans X = X I started to question the ideology but it took a while before i realized how actually crazy so many of them were.

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People can do what they want but I don't see any need to normalize fringe behavior. They're the odd ones out, not the majority of the population. The ones pushing this stuff are the same grifters pushing BLM and Antifa. They want to control the narrative.

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If there would be a moment to peak and go past "let them live and let live", it would be the moment when the TRA's made "Why can't I have sex with anyone I want to have sex with? We should be allowed to force lesbians to find me attractive so I can have sex with anyone I want!"...and the woke society LET THIS become a major talking point.

A full decade or more was spent on "consent is king for everything, if someone doesn't want you, don't push them or demand it", to get pushed by extremists as far as "if you show any romantic interest in a person, you're literally raping them", to let any person who cares about and respects women to go die alone, unloved...and then the biggest incel shitstains on the planet who openly use trans rights as their cheat code to get to the top of Oppression Olympics use this to get the incel's single issue of "I want to force people to give me sex" into the discourse of trans rights, and everyone LET THEM WIN.

The rise of wokeness and personal respect for everyone has for their fellow human being is a good thing, but when the woke side let the incels win because they wore a pretty dress when they demanded it, that was absolutely disgusting.

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This was definitely the tipping point for me. As a heterosexual male, when the whole 'SuperStraight' thing started, I saw people on Twitter saying that it was "stupid" for straight men not wanting to be with other MALES, because said male "identified" as a woman. Yes, apparently, a heterosexual male wanting an actual female with a vagina for sexual & romantic purposes, is "stupid" in this day & time.

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Yeah- and it goes further with it just being these people playing their card. Adding the "by the rules the people who complain about supers say, all you'd have to do is say 'yeah, it won't piss me off if you refer to me as they too', changing literally nothing about yourself, and not only would you get to have an actual female with a vagina, but they'd say it's Scarlett Johansson's moral imperative to fly to you and let you have her if that's what you wish.

Yes, saying you're entitled to something is bad, but when people are good enough to follow the rules of proper society, and this example of the biggest POSes who refused to follow those rules follow a different rule, and they get rewarded by getting their way...that's the time for the ones who followed the rules to say "wait a minute here.We follow the rules and ignore people who break the rules getting rewarded for it, and now these people who were the most pissed by these rules break this rule and you reward them...what about us? Where's OUR reward?"

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That's actually another thing that made me peak.You can go on reddit LGBT subs and see how these people are complaining about genital preferences and how"some lesbians like girl cock, or gay men can love guy pussy".Honestly, i don't know where this whole movement will be in the next 5 to 10 years, but one thing i think will happened is that many LGB will distance themselves from T.

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Yeah it's already happening big time, though on the dl. And yeah you can't start messing with gay men/women because they won't take it, as well as being the pillars the TQ+ crowd clings to. Without the gay crowd to be associated with, they're nothing.

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    "Christcucks" aren't normally the ones shilling for trannies.

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      I don't think so

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        I have thought about it, and determined that it's all true. It's the only thing that's ever made sense to me. Everything else doesn't resonate because it's loaded with obvious bullshit.

        For that reason I cannot see it being the product of a normal human. Even if it were, it's still worth subscribing to because it's right.

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          Hey RadicalCentrist, I see you have a new alt account

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          good ol' Riley "now you have to fuck me" Dennis

          the activists would always pose themselves as anti-TERFs, but everyone not caught up in the actual details of what they were advocating for could recognize them as the same "PIV is rape!" headcases

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          I can't point to any one thing to call the peak, but there are a few.

          1) Not really a peak at all, but I just observed trans rhetoric and behavior over the years from various outlets like the original TumblrInAction. Nobody with the truth on their side needs to act the way trans activists do. They deny empirical reality, exhibit obvious signs of delusional narcissism, rationalize away obvious fetishism, invert their own ideological narratives on a whim whenever it's convenient, act abusively if you aren't 100% on board with affirming and celebrating everything they say or do, and so on. Worse still, they prey on lonely, often mentally ill teenagers online, acting eerily cultishly. This subsaidit is full of examples of all of these things.

          2) I learned about John Money. He coined the terms "gender" and "gender identity" (words I have since endeavored to stop using, but still slip out out of habit at times); The experiment he used to derive the whole idea of gender as completely socially constructed and not a psychological extension of human sexual dimorphism, in addition to being horribly inhumane and outright illegal in one respect (he made case study subject David Reimer and his brother, both children, simulate sex acts on each other and recorded it), discredits that very idea. He, and seemingly the entire psychological establishment, just pretended otherwise and kept going with his narrative.

          3) One of my least favorite archetypically trans behaviors is their tendency to invade online social groups, gun straight for moderation positions, and reshape the whole group around celebrating themselves; You can't voice dissent under threat of banning you or destroying the group altogether if it's sufficiently widespread. I thought my small, private, extremely niche group of best friends would've been a safe haven from this, but I was wrong. A member who had been dormant since the beginning suddenly became active, came out as trans, and started influencing the whole rest of the group to the point that I had little commonality with them anymore. I could've tried putting my foot down and removing him the moment I sensed incompatibility, but I try not to mirror behavior I hate in others under the pretense of "it's okay when I do it." Now that uncritical trans support has become the de facto litmus test for moral purity in spaces and among people that aren't explicitly right wing (which I also don't belong with, because thinking for myself has led me to become very heterodox), I don't even know where to find friends anymore without running the risk of others ejecting me over the trans issue and sending me back to square one.

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          I feel so much the point number 3. I had a friend suddenly realizing she is a "demigirl" but that's it to it. Just some laughable addition of "they" to pronouns list. I hope she will snap out of it. But besides for that she doesn't make a big deal out of it. She's rather very socially awkward and I'd say what she interprets as "not wanting to be seen as a woman by strangers" is the social awkwardness, boyish interests and shy personality she has. Basically being a "they" is her protective shield. It still fucking hurts to see even if technically nothing really changed.

          [–]BlueGoblin 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

          Yeah, I feel the same with my friends, except none of us is trans yet, even if one of them decided he will always make female characters in RPGs. I shut up and ignore it and all their fluff, but I dread the day a breakpoint will surge

          [–]RedEyedWarriorThe Evil Cishomo 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

          John Money was a paedophile who should have died in prison. Instead, he died on a bed. Meanwhile, the children he abused took their own lives.

          [–]lunarstrain 6 insightful - 1 fun6 insightful - 0 fun7 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

          I was one of the kids who was exposed to transgenderism and all of the stupid SJW radicalism when it was very niche via Tumblr at age 13. Messed me up for a few years, it wasn't until I started reading Kiwi Farms habitually in my later teens that I got my head on more straight and "peaked". I've gone through many different stances since then and ultimately I can't see "true" transgenderism as anything other than a form of mental illness. Not one to be demonized, but to be pitied. Sometimes I make rude jokes or rant out of frustration, they are a pretty unreasonable group of people these days, but when I am confronted with someone who is clearly very mentally ill, it's hard not to have some kind of compassion unless they're a truly awful individual.

          [–]Newzok 5 insightful - 2 fun5 insightful - 1 fun6 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

          I don't know actually. I used to think of them as an outlier and not really care other than going, "glad I wasn't born that way". I think it was once people started getting woke about things and non-binary became a thing, around 2015. It was the tone. The simultaneously sanctimonious and patronising tone I'd seen in rad lefties as a youth, girls desperate to be identified as bold and righteous, who will see you as the enemy if you're not 100% on board. Somehow this fake shit made its way into everything. But I still hadn't met a trans person nor a trans activist. And I'm active on the gay scene(though not the one full of young party people).

          I think I peaked a couple of years back. Just the complete unity in media opinion, work places catering to it in the same way, Pride becoming more about trans stuff than gay stuff(actually anything previously dealing with gay issues), the total abolition of rational discussion on reddit/twitter... It rubbed me as mighty suspicious. And lo, what do we have here? Covid discourse. A similarly total unity of opinions, by the same media corps. To my mind it showed the whole tranny thing as a big media/propaganda campaign among many. Who bankrolls this? Billionaires connected to big pharma/Blackrock, somehow also getting government to dance to their whistle. Getting this kind of coverage is expensive.

          And then we find out that discourse on twitter was controlled by the US government. And that the removal of employees in Japan made divisive topics go away.

          Anyway I'm ranting now. But goddamn it's all a big op. For what reason I really can't fathom, other than sowing discord in otherwise coherent political groups and making money on medical services. But it fucks people up. In more ways than one.

          [–]Musky༼⁠ ⁠つ⁠ ⁠◕⁠‿⁠◕⁠ ⁠༽⁠つ 🐈 4 insightful - 2 fun4 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

          I supported transgenderism completely at one point, love the fags and dykes, but then the ideology got too warped. So I disliked TRAs but figured the trannies themselves just wanted to lead their own lives and still supported them overall. Then I start seeing all the kinksters being creepy and I think well, some of these are bad dudes but they're not all like that. And then my niece dated a trans identified girl. It was obviously a typical girl. There was nothing male about her. And she spent countless hours dreading this supposed transphobia she would encounter. Nah, I was with that girl when she used male bathrooms in some pretty redneck states and nobody gave a single shit. She was her own worst enemy and it was because of her trans ideology. She couldn't appreciate a good fart either, which is the gold standard litmus test for maleness. I think that was maybe 3 years ago.

          [–]RedEyedWarriorThe Evil Cishomo 3 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

          She couldn't appreciate a good fart either, which is the gold standard litmus test for maleness.

          I work in an office environment. Myself and all but three of my coworkers are male. Some of us fart at work. So I can confirm.

          [–]Dirkpytt 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

          Back in college around 2013-2014 we had this classmate who had all the signs of being one of those terminally online tumblr users, screeched about how doctor strange was being "whitewashed" into a straight male for the MCU, complained to the teacher when surveys only gave the option of male or female to which the teacher replied "pick whatever is closer to what you think you are". It was non stop things like that

          [–]RedEyedWarriorThe Evil Cishomo 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

          I stopped supporting transgenderism completely back in 2019. But it was a long process that began in 2015, which you could argue was when I peaked. In the middle of 2015, after two years of reading Pinknews, Gay Star News and LGBTQ Nation, and 6 years of reading Wikipedia articles, I was completely in support of the trans ideology. Including supporting self-ID laws, non-binary identities and allowing children to get sex changes. Why was I so ignorant? Because I was raised to believe that the western countries were the good guys, and this shit was emerging from western countries. So I accepted this shit without question. To be fair, I was warned not to believe everything typed on Wikipedia. So I should have known. The only excuse was that I was 20 at the time. Which further reinforces my belief that people under 30 shouldn't be allowed to vote.

          But events in 2015 and 2016 caused me to question what I was believing. First, I heard about a referendum I'm Houston TX on an ordinance that would have banned discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. And it was rejected 2-1. I was disappointed, with the result. But part of me believed this ordinance would have passed if the ordinance only covered sexual orientation. But I still wanted the whole package to pass. Even though I've never even been to America.

          In 2016, I came across TumblrInAction. That was when I heard about SJWs. I was already aware of people like that, and I found these people obnoxious. So I kept posting on the subreddit to laugh at SJWs. Which lead me to watching YouTubers like Bearing. Which lead to me finding Blaire White. Who is a tranny, but even he was against atrocities like transgender children, hate speech laws, non binary identities and self ID laws. So I listened to the other side. I side I initially believed was homophobic - only to learn that no, not all critics of LGBT ideology are homophobic. Watching Blaire White did reinforce my support for trans people, but I stopped supporting non-binaries and child sex changes. So it was still an improvement on my part.

          In 2017, Canada passed the compelled speech act. This lead me to become even more weary of transgenderism. Also that year, more countries passed self-ID laws, which left me concerned. By 2018, trannies began dominating discourse topics that were supposed to be about homosexuals. By 2019, this had gotten incredibly annoying and frustrating. On top of that, I stopped watching Blaire White because he became obnoxious. Later that year, Mister Metokur posted his infamous video about sex change operations. And that was when the remainder of my support for transgenderism vanished. How could I be on board with brutal surgeries that don't achieve what the patient wanted, or at least was told what he wanted. So now I no longer support transgenderism. I see it as a danger to society.

          [–]cephyrious 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

          If you ask any old, conservative person if men can become women or vice versa you will be laughed at. The main emboldening issue for the whole trans ideology is that before the 1950s, if you asked any old, conservative person if black people should have the exact same rights as white people, or if men should be able to marry men, you would get the same response. So obviously, since the world has accepted that racism and homophobia are morally wrong (and I agree), they just assume that it is the same regressive attitude they need to overcome this time. They are morally right, and history will prove it, they think. But the problem is that they are not making a moral claim, like previous civil rights groups did. They are making a claim about reality, and we have more objective ways to determine the truth of reality claims. And those ways are pretty much not agreeing with them in any way, shape or form.

          [–]RedEyedWarriorThe Evil Cishomo 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

          That was why I accepted transgenderism a few years ago. I thought it was just another step after accepting universal suffrage, people of various races being friends, interracial marriages and gay marriage. I thought that people who were against transgenderism were simply ignorant or bigoted. Turns out, there is a difference between correcting a problem that was once accepted by society, and trying to change reality, which is pretty much inventing a new problem. In fact, some of the changes we’ve made in the past might have been a mistake. For the record, I am glad that interracial marriage is legal, that same sex relationships between consenting adults are legal, and that a woman can start her own bank account without approval from her husband, her father or her brother. But I also believe that letting everyone vote was a mistake. And I sometimes question if legalising same sex marriage was a good idea when we could have just gotten rid of inheritance taxes and make it a legal right for cohabitants to visit their partners in hospitals and attend their funerals. Especially considering that a growing number of opposite sex couples in my country don’t bother getting married. In fact, Ireland no longer requires the father to marry the mother of his children to legally claim them, as those children are legally his once he’s been living with the mother for 12 months. Although I think that is still dumb, because a paternity test should be enough to get the father all of the rights to his child, even if he’s not living with the mother.

          [–]Airbus320 3 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

          I peaked when I saw jews was funding it

          [–]jacques1102[S] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)


          [–]UncleWillard56 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

          I'm not against it as a treatment for a mental disorder, which is the line we're being fed as far as gender dysphoria. But as per usual, it's turned into this toxic cult instead of just a treatment for a condition. I do not understand how it went from individuals treating a perceived condition to we now run the language, it's a mortal sin to refer to us by our birth name/gender, and you can lose your job if you don't respect pronouns. Again, it's part of the toxic, tribal culture that has resulted from people valuing what they are incidentally, instead of what they've achieved.

          [–]FlyingKangaroo 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

          When I was a child and young teenager I obviously didn’t have a clue about it and didn’t care (would probably be against), unfortunately something in my teenage years had changed.

          I met two girls from my school (different classes) who became my friends. I met the first one because I was “paired” with her during a certain event made by our school, when we had to do certain charity activities. We talked more. A few months later she was absent for a long time and the second girl (friend to both of us) told me that something difficult is going on but she isn’t sure she can tell me - the absent one is in hospital. My mind wondered is it a cryptic way to say she has a cancer or something. I was very worried. Some time later I contacted the absent girl on Skype. We talked and she revealed she is a FTM, wants to transition and prefers a male name, etc. I wanted to be supportive because she was my friend so I switched name and pronouns while addressing her. I wanted to let her know I support her. At school, no teacher knew (I think?), she was only using it in private conversation with her closest friends (including me and third girl).

          During our teenage years she was still trans, after going to high school in that other school she began to used a male name and pronouns and unfortunately all teachers used it too. All students as well, although I believe there were some who were secretly joking or just acted suspicious. It was also a small private school so it can explain something too. She was always a tomboy but of course her style became much more “masculine” in high school, aka looking like a depressed boy in a hoodie, even shorter hair but not super short.

          She was also weird, she had some smart talents but also dated online from a young age (which was super weird for me), said she had “boyfriends” from far away parts of the world (Asia), I learned one day accidentally she also liked some Facebook pages about ecchi when she was ~13. Grooming in plain sight but I didn’t even think much about it.

          Our trinity was close because we all seemed like “outcasts” and were introverted and had some more niche interests. Eventually the third girl came out as bisexual sometime, later pansexual and somewhere after it - nonbinary. She began to use in private conversations neutral pronouns which sound really cursed in my language. I agreed, not to hurt her feelings.

          About 2 years later we all parted because these two girls (FTM and nonbinary) decided to cut contact with me, even though nothing seemed to me like they planned it. The reason was eventually that they found me too innocent, called me a bigot (for supposedly not agreeing enough with all queer stuff that exists), they focused more on their sexuality and I was too vanilla and not queer for them. At first I was confused over losing two close friends but then I came to realized it’s better that way for me and that actually their shenanigans were harmful for me, making me wither confused or depressed.

          Then I realized how harmful the trans thing is, first I rejected the nonbinary variant of it (seemed much more illogical and based on stereotypes) but then I also saw such qualities exist in the “classic” trans identity too (FTM and MTF). I began to understand the pattern of anxiety, coming from toxic or abusive families, being an outcast and unhealthy obsessions, issues with body image. I understood that transition is not a way to help those with dysphasia, it harms their bodies and fuels their problems. As I saw with the FTM friend, even though she started transition (in a “social” way aka using new name and style change; supposedly she was taking hormones too which is weird because she weren’t 18 yet and we live in kinda conservative country) there was always something which would make her spiral into suicide thoughts. Nothing was ever perfect, there was only pain and confusion. I also felt bitter over how schizophrenic it all felt, using name and pronouns for someone who isn’t even a man but people around agreed to call her such if she demands so.

          One day when she stood near me I got a glimpse of her ID with female name and identification info on it, I wonder if she ever changed it or not.

          Beside these two whom I know irl, I knew online some people who turned out to be trans (all FTMs, one nonbinary). That being said, most of them trooned out after our contact loosened, there was only one FTM whom I know online while it was going on. She was also weird, self-harming, bragged out once that her father molested her out of the blue (some inappropriate touching while he came to her room; it seemed to me it didn’t ever happen before that accident she told me about). I think I was urging her to get help, tell school psychologist or something but she didn’t want to. I don’t know how we came to lose contact but I felt grateful in a way for being freed of burden of someone’s trauma.

          Now I’m anti-trans in a way I acknowledge it’s evil and harmful (and gives a pass to many rapists as MTFs show us). I think maybe a portion of troons, rather the FTM variants (girls and women in general) might get help, because it’s due to trauma, body issues, etc. I can sympathize a bit but don’t support the trans identity.

          I also felt wrecked in a way because I was often that girl who was perfect and had a burden of caring for others, my empathy made me hurt, people who were in charge (teachers) didn’t seem to care much and I was left to be occupied with pains of teenagers I knew, my peers or only a bit older or younger. I didn’t deserve to learn of such cursed things. These people turned out that way because they didn’t get proper help and it will continue to happen if we won’t change it, most girls will be harmed and will spiral into various forms of self-harm (including transition) and boys and men will find ways to harm themselves too or even assault others and go away with it.

          [–]Vulptexghost fox girl ^w^ 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

          I hate it because they're erasing gender dysphoria.

          [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

          Tbh I peaked when everyone came after JK Rowling because nobody read what she actually wrote and just started raging and burning their HP books (even funnier are the people who continue to make HP their entire personality while shitting on her constantly).

          [–]M1GarandDad 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

          I peaked when "gender identity" stopped being a disorder, and started being an essential and immutable true self that everyone has.

          They're clearly talking about a soul. It's not even a Christian concept of a soul, it's a Gnostic one where mind precedes matter, the body is a prison and all physical existence is an evil illusion. Well I don't believe in souls at all, so I can't force myself to believe in gendered souls, and I'm tired of pretending.

          No, I do not have an internal feeling of being a man that is entirely separate from my male body parts and functions. I do not experience, as defined by this Queer Theory propaganda for toddlers, "who a person knows themself to be [...] a boy or a girl", because I have no idea what they mean by "boy" or "girl" in this context. None of them can define those terms without self-reference or sexist cliches.

          [–]jacques1102[S] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

          This right here.I've always been a male.I never had this inner feeling inside of me of what being a man felt like.Even if i was the most emasculate man on the planet i would still be a man.

          [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

          keep saying it, someday it might be true