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What is up with this explosion of late teens/early 20s women/girls in being trans all of a sudden?

Social contagion.

30-40 years ago it was largely anorexia and bulimia. Then 20 years ago along comes self harm to join the party. Now it’s FTM transgenderism.

It’s clear as day, exacerbated by social media and the modern predilection for viewing everything through lenses of mental health, identity and victimhood.

Add into this predatory lobby groups, doctors and pharmaceutical companies and you have the explanation of the entire phenomenon without needing to resort to gendered souls, wrong bodies or cisheteropatriarchy.

The interesting thing is the difference with MtF transgenderism which presents in two ways, hyperfeminine gays and autogynephilic fetishists and I suspect some common or garden transvestites that want attention (eg Eddie Izzard). None of which seems to be socially spread.

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It's also likely the endgame of how queerness no longer means anything. If people thought queerness meant something, then women who are afraid of relationships can just say that and get the vast majority of men to not ask any questions and not hit on them, but it's word salad enough that when they're ready, they can start having relationships and not have a problem.

However, as more and more people realize that queerness is spicy straight, the more and more men realize queerness is word salad and it doesn't mean the woman is off the market- so it gets closer to "put up or shut up" time for girls who aren't ready for relationships and who don't want to just say no to people to either cross the line and prove they're what they say they do, or prove they don't and lose the LGBTQ+ side and expect the deluge to start.

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Social contagion

Specifically it affects women disproportionately because women are more susceptible to social influence.

The interesting thing is the difference with MtF transgenderism which presents in two ways, hyperfeminine gays and autogynephilic fetishists

OP and u/alienhunter gave most of the reasons I'd attribute for FtM, although I'd add a fear of penetration / masculine men, and internalized homophobia / upgrading from Butch to stunning and brave straight transman.

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Seconding what you said, also:

Part of these girls start to identify as trans because it became socially acceptable. This is their solution to being subjected to abuse at home or some other abuse they experienced in life (be it physical, sexual abuse or even bullying, psychological abuse), as well as when they’re subjected to sexism. Of course ordinary ways of dealing with that are no longer accepted, because in their contagions if any wanted to speak her mind why there is such toxicity towards woman (and by women too!) she would be called a nasty TERF. It’s straight up preying on the vulnerable youth, who rarely has a good solution to their issues.

I live in a country where many complain about the mental healthcare and I see more and more teens on Twitter becoming trans. Of course 9 out of 10 are girls, claiming to be trans men or nonbinary. This is both the social contagion and also the fault of parents who either caused them to seek comfort in such cursed communities or didn’t teach them to be more responsible. But then, adolescence is always a stupid age. Yet until some trends weren’t made popular, no one would see so many teenagers do that.

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It's a social contagion, like cutting and anorexia.

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I don't know about South Park fandom specifically but just on the internet in general you see loads of trans people far beyond what you see irl. I have a few theories for it.

One, they are larping for attention. It's the internet. Maybe they are trolling. Maybe they are sick of the trans shit and are just saying they are trans to fuck with the censors. Who knows. Poe's law and all that.

Two. They are doing it to seem cool and part of the group, but aren't actually "trans" irl.

Three. They are trans but spend an inordinately high amount of time online because it's the only place you can ever possibly "pass". Same reasons why you see loads of anime avatars and shit in VR chat type spaces or whatever. They get off on feeling validated, they can't get validated offline because reality can't be ignored, so they cloister themselves in fantasy worlds and spend inordinately high amounts of time there compared to everyone else.

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I think some are.For example, there was this one woman on there who claims to be gender fluid and literally nothing about them changed as a person.It's literally a pointless label that basically is saying"I'm not like other girls.I'm special"!As for others,i hope that is the case since i live in NY and i've only seen 2 trans people throughout my 28 years of life.Why we as a society is obsessed with these people is beyond me.

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Their concept of "gender" is basically just another word for "feelings" anyway. Or "personality".

Of course anger isn't a valid gender, damn bigots. Want to discriminate against me do you!

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I identify as rage gender. My pronouns are "fuck you," and "go to hell."

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I prefer "argggh" and "aaaaaaaah" pronouns myself.

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Not surprising. I used to love South Park and if I was younger I'd probably be caught up in the trans cult.

One way to be a gender non-conforming woman and find yourself socially excluded by other women is simply to have a cutting sense of humour.

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I still love the show and it appears Trey and Matt make fun of these people still.It's funny because they're holding on to hope that they both"do better"in regards to the trans issues and so far they only double down on it by making a joke about the kids getting surgery.

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They should do a whole episode with jokes about women and watch all the they/thems getting their knickers in a twist without being able to say they are personally offened.

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What do you know, my ftm acquaintance also is nerdy, hates masculinity(I know, right?) and is into yaoi. Wtf is that about.