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NB people don't really have any body dysmorphia issues. Their identity is a reactive one; without a contrasting Other to pretend to be better and more interesting than, their identity has no internal definition of its own. It doesn't exist when they are alone. Even the title non-binary does not define a gender but a category of gender, alluding to its pointlessly defiant motivation: I'm whatever everyone else isn't.

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Unfortunately there are lots of people getting nullification surgery now.

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I'd group NB people into two categories, which are bored kids looking for attention (~99%), and then BME weirdos who like how depersonalizing the label is (and were probably identifying as a snake or something five years ago). The latter group was never going to make it. The former might be pushed by the latter into considering some weird shit, but hopefully they're not so myopic and narcissistic that they go through with it.

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It is funny I notice lots of female NBs practicing polyamory (lol) and even doing OnlyFans (girls with low self-esteem/daddy issues who want the privileges of womanhood without the baggage...)

I usually see males going full trans and they always need to show off their dick and balls in skimpy women's clothing (perverts with mommy issues)

Main issue: parent your weird ass kids

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So basically the women have been abused as kids.

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If non binary exists then everyone is non binary. I doubt there are many women who only like traditionally women's thing or men who only like traditionally men's things. I'm about as "non binary" as it gets. I have long hair but I don't wear makeup. I wear men's underwear and a bra. I'm visibly muscular and hourglass and I love both of those things about my body. I do diy, basic mechanics and I knit and crochet. I love sci-fi but have also seen every episode of Downtown Abbey. I absolutely live for being a mother but my second favourite thing is being strong and athletic.

I know quite a few women who call themselves NB and not one single one of them is even remotely as "masculine" as I am. Not that I'm masculine, I'm simply a woman with a range of interests. And it's weird as fuck that after hundreds of years of people fighting to stop being limited in their interests based on their sex. We finally get to a place where people are pretty much free to just like what they like. Then this next generation want to box us all back up so they can claim to be special.

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Ever played with GI Joe?

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Maybe Pat from those old SNL sketches?

Also, saying gender is just a social construct is a bigger social construct than gender itself, and one built on sand. Sex is the key component of gender and is what informs our concepts surrounding gender.