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There's no such thing as being born in the wrong body. Nobody can truly say "I feel I am the opposite sex" because nobody has any fucking clue what being in another body feels like. Nobody has a frame of reference to make the comparison. We are born and die ever only knowing one body: our own.

Armchair psychology theory here, but IMO what the "gender dysphoria" trannies actually suffer from is not gender dysphoria; what afflicts them is actually envy - but not a normal level of envy, it's more like a dysfunctional and pathologically obsessive envy, over what they perceive the opposite sex to be, which, again, remember they have no frame of reference, so what they feel envy for is not even real, it's a caricature of the opposite sex based on their own wild speculation and shallow imitation.

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I do have serious envy issues. But I have other symptoms too that don't even bother me, and it's very unusual to envy the opposite sex. It makes more sense to envy the ideal of your gender; and if not then the social roles of the other, but not the body aka the gender itself.

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My theory is that, especially in the case of mtf transition, it's a way to distance yourself from what has become a hated demographic; white straight men. It's the most extreme case of kneeling down to marginalized communities - erasing the demographic that they blame everything on.

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We are our bodies, of course, so there is no wrong or right about it. Saying otherwise is just their attempt at legitimizing their desire to mimic the opposite sex. You see this sentiment paired with the "trans brain" myth often, which is of course also malarkey, if there's anything different in their brains it's because they're gay, not trans, because "trans" doesn't exist. "Trans" is something someone does not what someone is.

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We are our bodies

BULLSHIT. That's what the biggest conspiracy known to us wants you to believe. It defies all logic and can only be believed by blind faith in whatever told you it. Don't pull the "science" card; science is only observation of the material world, it does not and is not even able to study non-material matters, so it can say neither yay nor nay. Scientists tend to be atheists because they're rebelling against religion which tends to be hostile to science for some reason, not because science led them to that conclusion. In fact by the scientific method it is ridiculous to think that. Science fundamentally recognizes that everything is cause and effect, so...what was the cause? More likely that this is some nightmare and it's all in your head.

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Ok, so let's think about this a bit. You believe we are some sort of disembodied consciousness of some sort? What part of who you are is this "alien" thing? Why are our emotions and instincts geared towards earthly needs and pursuits if our mind is supposed to be from outside our body? What about brain injuries? Destroying a part of the brain destroys an aspect of a person's mind. We have a map of these different locations and the functions they carry out! The mind is a manifestation of our biology, everything points to that reality, so why bring in a totally unnecessary outside agent to explain it?

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Check out thousands of NDE testimonials that have been reported on. You are not your body. You are also not in the wrong body, and even if you were, you have to ride it out.

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I don't believe NDE anecdotes, why should I? A person's recollection is spotty enough as is without throwing extreme stress into the mix. No, the soul is nonsense, or whatever rebranded soul 2.0 they're trying to sell these days.

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Anecdotes are all you have when it comes to experience, but you'll gladly believe in some scientist claiming something is true without evidence. You haven't even investigated NDEs, yet you've already rejected them.

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Although I find NDEs a fascinating phenomenon, they don’t prove the existence of souls or an afterlife.

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Nothing does. Proof is for liquor, but this the best we have. How else would you know or find out? Personal experience is it. Science is not the be all, end all of all truth, and material world is an illusion. Your chair isn't solid.

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I don't think the ramblings of drug addicts and the mentally ill are going to change my mind. Pretty sure NDEs are bullshit.

You ARE your body. Your mind is a big muscle connected with the rest of your nerves and muscles. It has quite an ego to pretend it's something different.

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No, you are not your body and neither am I. You'll see on your death bed.

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How would you know? You been to the other side?

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I'm sure we all have many times.

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Because otherwise how are you perceiving that brain's information?

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We don't know exactly how consciousness itself works, but we can demonstrate that all aspects of what make you you can be destroyed by eliminating different regions of the brain. All your memories are in the brain, all your thoughts, all your perceptions. Even if we hypothesize that there is an "observer" of some kind involved in consciousness, whatever that mechanism is wouldn't be you, because what makes you you is your body.

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That's what's so unsettling. You've forgotten who you are. And most don't want to acknowledge that.

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We get into talks of the supernatural we can no longer use science or even logic to really come to any conclusive positions.

The idea that the soul and body are separate is a very Christian idea. I'd even argue there's some practical benefit towards thinking about your thoughts wills and desires as something that is not entirely driven by your physical wants and needs, as after all you can simply decide to ignore your physical urgings although it's not always advised.

This still doesn't really explain the "gendered souls" argument though. Since it sounds pretty retarded to think that something immaterial, sacred, and "perfect" would be limited by any semblance of physical sex especially when religion sees sex as some vulgar concept that should be hidden and repressed.

The christians that believe in the trans ideology really confused me. So you think god has a pile of male and female souls and he accidentally mixed them up? That's fucking retarded. God doesn't make mistakes right? But sometimes he does? Well how do you know that it wasn't a mistake to make you? At this point in the conversation they usually get really angry and I don't get a clear answer. Unfortunate.

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The cause is this disorder. Some outlier or mutation, like so many others that have resulted in what humans, and most species, are today. What if you could cure gender dysmorphia/dysphoria? Would trans people take that cure? Or would they resort to just calling it a choice?

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I think I would take that cure. It'll never happen though, as long as the establishment finds the trans card a convenient excuse.

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Whilst I agree with everything being said, I also read this in the voice of the guy that did the "How does King Crimson work?" video

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I sometimes identify as a muskrat.

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And somewhere in this big, wonderful world, a muskrat sometimes identifies as you.

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no body could be seen as “right”—ever

This is, in fact, the case

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It's a ridiculous notion. Even if you make the case for gender dysphoria/dysmorphia, it's a disorder. You were born in the right body, but you have a disorder. Ironic that modern medicine has leaned into treating the symptoms over curing the disease. Imagine if we treated cancer this way. "Oh, you don't have a disease, you're just in a cancerous body. You just need pretend you are in a non-cancerous body. Here, we'll give you plastic surgery so you don't look like you're dying."

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It's a bit like legitimizing the delusions of a schizophrenic instead of starting with the premise that they are unreliable.

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It's the pinnacle of po-mo thought. It's the idea that you are not your body, you are merely your brain, and your body is a prison to escape from. Making peace with it is impossible. Your only recourse is to destroy it as an act of protest, either through drugs or food or plastic surgery, until you can no longer recognize it. Your poison is just whatever you like the most.

Of course then reality catches up, and these people are trapped in mutilated shells. Recognizing the mistake would be too great a blow to the ego, so society has to validate them instead. Of course it's only a temporary fix. You cannot escape your body.

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Being born in the "wrong" body is a ridiculous argument. It assumes a) there's a "right" body and b) that someone made a decision to switch or "assign" you into the wrong body. The Trans Community, on the one hand, leans on science and biology to define gender dysphoria/dysmorphia as a disorder, but not to treat it as such. Instead, the treatment is to lean into the disorder and cater to the symptoms. On the other hand, it ignores biological sex's huge contribution to gender, which they say is a construct that should be ignored for how you feel about your gender. It's utter nonsense and what we really need is a cure for the disorder. I think there's a test for whether you have the disorder and some of the feedback from the Trans Community as that, once again, we should ignore the science for how the person feels. So you can have it both ways; it's not a choice, it's a disorder, but even if you don't have that disorder, it's okay because then you can still choose to be trans. Fuck that shit. Cure the disorder and see how many trans people actually take that cure.