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Pride used to be a way for gay people to show normies that they were just ordinary folks with one little thing different in the bedroom.

Now it's a festival of faggotry and grifting on the part of the "oppressed" and shameless pandering for ESG bux or votes on the part of corporations and politicians.

But genderspecials knifing each in the back and climbing on the resulting corpses to get higher status is all year long.

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Pride used to be a way for gay people to show normies that they were just ordinary folks with one little thing different in the bedroom.

Some of the old school Pride March photos are hilarious for how normal the marchers are. Not any more, now it’s just a festival of deviance and degeneracy.

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More than that, it's an excuse to engage in fascism.

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Idk I think pride was always a celebration of debauchery kinda like a gay Mardi Gras.

Which is fine as long as you aren't going around trying to force people who don't want to participate into it or misconstruing it as some family friendly event.

I think there was a time when the "gay agenda" was controlled by sane people who understood that image was very important if they actually wanted social acceptance. And they controlled the narrative for a time, but once their goals were achieved and they largely aged out of leadership positions it's all gone back to the sex maniacs.

There's some dumbasses out there who think that being offensive and annoying is their ultimate right. This is true of any group. Just look at political activists for loads of it. Once leadership in a group fails to "gatekeep" these types out they'll destroy any movement from the inside out. Like look at the climate protesting dumbasses in the news recently doing shit like trying to destroy art. Same shit different issue.

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You forgot the part where corporations pretend to care by painting a rainbow label on their product for 1 month in hopes of boosting sales.

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once the activists got what they wanted they turned around and complained about "pinkwashing" and megacorps only caring about rainbow shit for a token 30 days (I mean, that's TRUE, but it should come from someone who unleashed the righteous howling mob on anybody else who pointed it out before they did)

same thing happened with the Land o'Lakes Lass and yeeting IASIP and 30 Rock episodes--"okay, so according to your 'pyramid of hate' model we've cut off the problem at its root and this'll have measurable effects, as you've been claiming for half a century, right? you're not gonna be back here in a week with a NEW set of urgent, non-negotiable demands, right? 'cos that'll get tiresome real fast and people will start asking if this is all just a distraction from actually getting anything done"; they're turning on The Discourse over The Little Mermaid--"why isn't this Totally Original movie about the 18th century dealing directly with slavery?!" vs. "dammit, can't you see a Black character without thinking about them picking cotton?!"

besides, Greed vs. Wrath is better than Pride