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In my admittedly limited experience, it's a weird hybrid of Encyclopedia Dramatica (before it turned to shit) and a 4chan whose members can actually focus on something for longer than 30 seconds or so. They basically document really notorious Internet lolcows, meticulously searching out and archiving all of the shit that creeps and freaks like to delete in a panic when the spotlight unexpectedly hits them.

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So that's why the trans fascists attacked it.

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Pretty much, yeah. They were keeping attention focused on some of the really dodgy TRAs and troons like Keffals, Riley Dennis, and Sophie Labelle, recording everything that they posted, especially their interactions with teens and kids. That spooked the creeps who started to kick up a fuss with little success. And then a suspiciously convenient "death threat" just happened to be delivered to one of the featured lolcows, and now KF (and their oh-so-problematic receipts) suddenly gets deplatformed...

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"Deplatforming, deplatforming works" - AOC

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"Deplatformed" by way of Cloudflare removing their firewall service. Without that, Keffals or whoever could organize denial of service attacks to take down the site.

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Essentially, it was a gossip site, focused on gossiping about internet personalities rather than celebrities.

Like any gossip site it tends to go from, simply posting stuff that's already out there and discussing it, to people starting to go interact with these people directly to goad a response from them. Oftentimes crossing a fine line into harassment. But that's just the nature of any internet platform really.

The incident in question that got them shut down may well have been staged, but regardless they pissed off a bunch of the trans activists who just like celebrities that get their dirty laundry aired out tend to attack the messenger rather than self reflection.

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The incident in question that got them shut down may well have been staged, but regardless they pissed off a bunch of the trans activists who just like celebrities that get their dirty laundry aired out tend to attack the messenger rather than self reflection.

What happened this time? I’ve not been to KF for months.

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Essentially there was a "death threat" if sorts against someone. I'm not super clear on the details. But my impression was it was the sort of thing that just as easily seems like it's a Smollett than a legit issue. But I lack the information to honestly tell you whether it was or not.

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The claims against Kiwifarms were for doxxing, which wasn't them, and the suicides of two people, one of whom definitely had nothing to do with Kiwifarms, and the other is unconfirmed and weird because a guy supposedly killed himself just because he had an old inactive thread Josh wouldn't take down.

The real reason is that Keffals didn't like them paying attention to his transgressions.

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Was it the one against Keffals, a few months ago, or was it another new one?

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Liz Fong Jones threatened their ISP employees, employees wives, and hit other customers with DDOS attacks until they pulled their internet connection. For now they are only up on TOR.

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And one of the weirdest things ever is that over the last year or two there has been increasing crossover between Kiwifarms and British parenting site Mumsnet. Especially since the attacks on KF started last year.

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Mumsnet has a big KF admiring contingent and especially admire the owner, Joshua Moon, for the lengths he is going to in order to protect the site in the face of repeated attacks. While most of the mumsnetters don't enjoy the edgelord language, they recognise the importance of the documenting done on KF. And how scary the level of influence that's being used against KF is.

There's even a thread now which fully details what to do to access KF on Tor where users will walk through anyone having issues. With occasional sidebars about how they'd like to make sure Josh is looking after himself and desire to send him a healthy dinner or find him a nice wife.

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yeah, no other site has had every DDoS protection removed and dehosted by not just servers but carriers, least not without a warrant

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I hope it eventually comes back.

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You've been able to access it on TOR since the main sever went down.


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How does one access this? I get an error message when I click that link

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You use TOR browser.

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Stay away. It’s an fbi play ground.

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It's still up???

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Chris-Chan's evil babysitters