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My theory is anybody who posts to AITA is automatically an asshole regardless if they are right or wrong.

Why? Simple: Because they either A) already know they're right but just want a bunch of validation and attention, or B) already know they're wrong (or just making shit up) and want to test the waters or see how people react. Rarely C) they're truly so fucking clueless they can't differentiate between right and wrong, which makes them a natural born asshole.

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I agree. I think most of the stuff there is fake, but even if it wasn't why the fuck would you crowd source shit to reddit of all places?

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Normal people wouldn't but remember Reddit is full of mostly like-minded social retards.

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It's funny how it's a 'kink' until it turns into a full-time lifestyle, at which point you're suddenly transphobic for calling it a kink.

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It was a kink that barely anyone cared about. Eddie Izzard is a prime example, literally no one in the UK cared that he occasionally liked to wear makeup fake nails and a dress.

And that’s the problem.

Hard to to get a thrill from transgressing boundaries when the boundaries aren’t there. The moment they had acceptance there was no more thrill and so they had to ramp it up.

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The gaslighting is so hard precisely because troons of Reddit know that the guy is a sane individual who has witnessed something deeply unhealthy.

This is the part that always gets me. Their language is so precisely worded as to unconsciously reveal they know just how fucking creepy and inappropriate the behavior is, and they pre-empt that very natural and correct feeling with a shitload of "ignore your gut, it's actually totally normal" bullshit. Like how much more obvious can you be? It's like the "I'm not racist, but..." of being a male pervert.

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Holy fuck, it's a 5 alarm fire for Reddit. The few NTA comments are probably risking permabans.

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    You mean a stunning and brave Platinum Star MAP who deserves the right to the good sex they want too and is being an angel teaching children the joys of sex? Check your privilege! (not enough characters in /s )

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    Reddit is a hive of autogynephiles. Of course they tell him to lie to his wife. Lying to your spouse is usually a bad call, unless she asks if she looks fat. Then you best lie if you know what's good for you.

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    People need to mind their own business. Why would you even post that, if it's even true (which I doubt)? And why would you care. What possible benefit would there be for your wife to know her dad crossdresses? None. Likely it would end in divorce.