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People always bullshit about art to push some agenda. The difference is that if these people have their way then you'll be sent to jail for disagreeing with them.

If you're a communist (or an anarchist for that matter) then it's all meaningful in the sense that it attacks capitalism or one of its supporting institutions, laws, traditions, etc.

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The creators of The Matrix both trained out to service their BDSM and AGP fetishes.

Beyond that, 'trans' has become am umbrella term for everything ostensibly countercultural or outside the perceived norm, the same way diagnoses like ADHD and autism have broadened to include every personality quirk or flaw.

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Yeah basically. Take whatever trendy identity is going and people will find media that supposedly espouses those themes.

At a very basic point finding your "true self" or in other words the coming of age story is an old and fairly universal plot and the trans-narrative is a variation on that, albeit one that takes a kind of opposite approach to the traditional "accept who you are and your role in life" with "don't accept who you are and define it yourself" but that gets pretty messy into various points of view.

Very simply the trans types on the internet are basically just obsessed with their own trans Identity and try to find parallels everywhere because they desperately seek validation and acceptance from all sources, so if they watch a drama about say, a kid that wants to be a musician but their parents discourage them and encourage them to be a doctor instead, they're gonna be all like "omg trans themes!"

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finding your "true self" or in other words the coming of age story

Yes, they refer to all such stories as trans allegory.

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There was a KF post on this like yesterday about the Haus of Decline guy. Apparently feeling like a loner, or misunderstood, is now a "trans theme", with notably only trans people having a fixed, absolute solution to this otherwise perpetual existential problem we all face.

No but seriously. How cute is it that trans people think they're the only ones who feel out of place, AND think they have a cure for it?

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Every identity movement goes through a period when they see to what extent they can succeed in making everything about them.

If you're an Afro-Centrist, you write about how everything that mankind has ever invented was originally invented in Africa.

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For a people that never invented the wheel it's kinda crazy claiming you invented fuckin everything.

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I'd love to look at their art and tell you if I see any deeper themes in them, but like everyone else in the world... I don't want to because it sucks.

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It's not trans themes in art, it's trans themes identifying as art.