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So was puttering through the internet and found this blog post of some American getting very excited (angry) at some lesbian bar in Tokyo deciding that female only day meant they'd only let in females. I was entertained.

This person seems to have a lot of content and books and stuff which seems like a potentially untapped source of cringe. Anyone aware of "them". They have farm presence?

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Hard to slog through that crappy writing but yeah another "Of course we want to exclude gross straight men, but not if they identify as women" mindfucks.

Interesting choice to call SRS 'barbaric'. Yet when TERFs say it..

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Interesting choice to call SRS 'barbaric'. Yet when TERFs say it..

Yeah that's always funny. It's barbaric to make people transition medically before you let them change sex legally? Why? Is it because the medical transition itself is barbaric?

Really sticks a foot in their mouth.

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Why? Is it because the medical transition itself is barbaric?

I think we all know what the objection here is, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway just to be clear. They think it's barbaric because it quickly becomes the (pardon the unintended play on words) cutoff point between the mentally ill who have some wires crossed up in their heads and the AGPs (and their female counterparts) who just want to justify, display, and force participation in their fetish. And it's plainly obvious that the vast majority of troon shit is being driven by the latter; the former are mostly too busy actually suffering from their issues to play stupid games based on them.

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This article was written by dude with 5 o'clock shadow.

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Smarmy, self absorbed and written in a style that I would associate with a fucking teenager.

Dude, you went and inflicted yourself on another culture and are demanding they change their rules to make you feel more included.

You can tell that this guy is nothing more than a dramatic, emotionally needy sex pest. He mocks “horny straight dudes”, but that’s what he is and I have no doubt he OOZES it in whatever interactions he has with women.

There’s other places where he is welcome but he has to fixate on this one club and this one app and go on a crusade against them. The idea that anyone could be trans is a bunch of fucking nonsense when you see a very obvious overlap of certain shitty personality traits amongst that group, including the massive sense of entitlement.

And of course they mention “civil rights”…troons always cry about rights, yet they don’t have the first fucking clue what “rights” actually are.

The nightclub he’s crying about basically has an “attractive people only” policy, even if that’s not what they are outright saying. That’s not new. People spend lots of money to go to these kinds of places, to see and be seen, and to meet and interact with other attractive people. That’s a big part of what they are paying for. You let the riff raff in and your club will soon be mostly frequented by less desirable clientele.

As someone who, even in my younger years, would never have been considered attractive or fashionable enough to even be allowed in the rope line at an exclusive nightclub, I fully support clubs having the right to be picky about who they let in.

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Definitely sex pest that gets off on going places he isn't welcome. It's especially stupid in this context since that area has fucking loads of gay bars for every specific type of fetish you can think of so there's definitely one where "trans lesbians" are very welcome. Though I suspect that the clientele will be pretty much 100% trans lesbians.

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"Obviously, TERFs are the worst thing ever in general. Ultra-conservative queer maniacs who are basically the gay equivalent of QAnon cultists. But in Japan, this isn’t some bizarre minority of crazy or deluded women. It’s al all-pervasive toxin on LGBTQ+ culture that somehow refuses to die."

I think trans activists are beating them by a mile.

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When I read stuff like "Let’s fight for our civil rights. Let’s make the world a BETTER place" it rings so hollow, and I know that's because this guy has never once in his life thought of anyone but himself, and is just vapidly repeating phrases he knows have been successfully used to manipulate people.

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It's such a non-issue but I think the gay rights movement has given up on making actual meaningful policy action and instead wishes to just go for whatever quick and cathartic unhinged anger at an easy but ultimately unimportant target because making actual change is hard, requires people to actually not be massive twats and maintain a public image that goes beyond "I wanna do whatever I want al the time and nobody can stop me".

To put it in context Japan doesn't even recognize gay marriage, and they're having a hissy fit over a lesbian bar not allowing trans women in.

The US did similar shit with the wedding photographer case or the baker lawsuit. Like yeah the person is discriminating against you because you are gay. I think they probably shouldn't do that, but what do you hope to achieve? There are other bakers and photographers happy to serve you. Why do you want to force people who don't like you to serve you? What is the goal?

Seems like it just pisses off normal people who are going to now be more likely to be anti-gay than neutral. Especially if they think it's going to come to effect their livelihood. It rallies the religious base. Like nothing good comes of it at all. Just makes the cultural climate worse.

Japan is a totally different political environment but they risk causing public backlash still if they draw attention with dumb stuff rather than more important problems like housing discrimination.

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It had to throw a "y'all" in there.

Probably a "folks" somewhere, too, but I'm done reading that fruitcake bullshit.