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It is now legal to feed you to my rabbits.

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I knew a guy who hired a live-in guru who made his entire family consume massive quantities of carrots. Their perspiration stained their bedclothes orange.

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For real? Aha!

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Yeah, the father was an interesting guy. He was an attorney and sort of a consiglieri to a far right politician, but he was also kind of a health food nut and survivalist. This was back in the late 1980s; guys like him are pretty common now, but my man with the carrots was a bit of a pioneer.

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This kind of cult-like behaviour is always creepy! Imagine how many carrots one needs to eat to achieve that effect.... ew.

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Is that how Buddhist monks get their robes that colour?

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You should stop hating men instead of ramming your fat bag of holes with carrots and you would have never found this out. It's useless information.

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1) Hating the poster for being a feeeemale. 2) Unsolicited, out-of-the-blue reference to some gross sex act (because feeeeemale, so gotta fantasize). 3) Completely missing the point of the post because clouded by the thought that an uppity feeeeeemale wrote it.

Here I can never tell when I'm dealing with a troll or with someone with serious mental issues. It's the wonders of this website!

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You've missed the point completely, just like a useless bag of holes usually does.

Don't put words into my mouth, I don't hate females and have said as such many, many times. Maybe it's you? You're a windbag. But in typical persecuted female fashion, of course it isn't what it seems to be, it's how you feel about it.

It wasn't unsolicited, you made a post on the internet, holy shit! Wow, dense too?

I didn't miss the point of anything. It's my contention you found this out by banging carrots. And I said as such. Believe me, I have no desire to fantasize about you stuffing produce into your fat vagina.

You absolutely are an extremely uppity female. You nailed that one.

I'm neither, you just had to take another opportunity for self persecution for having a vagina.

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Did you write that torrent of filth with one hand, you disgusting weirdo? Get help. And by "help" I mean "a gun to your head". You're the poster boy of creeps.

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Where did you go?