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All revolutionary movements eat their own. That's how they stay revolutionary. A lot of people are getting a ride awakening, especially Jews/ Israel supporters.

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It's ironic that 20 years ago, in academia, I knew better than to say anything about Israel/Palestine because there were a lot of Jewish people in academia and you never knew who might be a Zionist. One friend of mine said something critical of Zionism in front of a professor he didn't know was Jewish (last name doesn't sound like it at all), and the guy went apeshit and started shouting at him. Now, the shouting is from the other side.

I wonder if this white guy posting about how he can't get a job realizes that his distress is probably music to their ears. A lot of these revolutionaries don't want equality or equity; they want revenge.

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They don't want revenge; they just want control.

But yeah I've really noticed in leftist circles how much the culture has shifted from pro-Israel to blatantly anti. It was a controversial subject 20 years ago; now it's just taken for granted that anti-Israel is the progressive position

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I worked in academia for 20 years. Some of them definitely want revenge.

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Yeah what do they want revenge for, no one alive has experienced racism. Besides white men

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This is literally the “when I’m weak I beg you for freedom, and when I am strong, I take away yours” (truncated) quote.

These dipshits were warned countless times that once the “minorities” became the ones with the power, that they wouldn’t be as accommodating to white people as white people were to them.

It was never about “equality”. It was about privileges and access to resources.

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Dude is still trying to grovel his way back in. TBH he may need to, he may have no other options besides Starbucks. Where he'll still be passed over for promotion.

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He’s blaming others for the fact that policies he no doubt loudly, and often for public consumption, claimed to support, are now rendering him unemployable in his chosen field.

Fuck him. I have no doubt he found it funny when it happened to others.

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he may have no other options besides Starbucks.

He does. He just doesn't realize it yet. The top star of my grad program (white male) went on the tenure-track job market for two years in a row and got no offers. He gave up and went to law school, and he's done very well. I assume that he realized that the system was rigged against him.

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It was never about “equality”. It was about privileges and access to resources.

And for many of them, it's about revenge.

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I really never understood how these people think things would be better when there's no white people in charge. Have they taken basic history lessons? Or learned a damn thing about other non-Western countries? It's ugly out there.

Hell, thanks to DEI, it's ugly in here. The most abusive supervisors I've ever had were black women, to the point where I have damn well learned my lesson and would rather not take a job than work under a black woman ever again.

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The troubling thing, especially with the way that the US academy still has tenure, is that the damage done to academia by these people is generational and potentially permanent as they pass it on to future students.

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"when I spent my career making past victimhood my entire identity and transforming administrations, courts, and legislatures into instruments of vengeance that believed everything I ordered them to, I didn't think it'd be used AGAINST me!"