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It's all about going into the fringes and finding the "wel nuh uh actually" shit.

Everyone knows males are physically stronger than females, so males will generally have an advantage in any sport where physical strength grants an advantage.

Are there exceptions to that? Sure I think so. Like gymnastics where flexibility is more important than strength, might be that specific case where trans-women are not at an advantage.

Or perhaps we go for some other sport that doesn't require much in the way of physical strength like chess. (Though that does give the curious result of course that men still dominate the rankings for some reason, I've long considered a theory where it is more likely for men to dedicate large amounts of time and energy to master something basically inconsequential to life, where women generally have some ingrained aversion to activities they don't see as practical, I also claim that the general stereotype of women disliking gambling to come from a similar position)

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An aversion to wasting tons of time on something inconsequential?? Honestly you might be onto something. I always wondered why there are zero women in esports or top level speedrunning or gaming in general. I know I always hear "women get bullied in gaming zones" but unless you make yourself obviously appear as an egirl or use voicechat, nobody is ever gonna know.

You'd think video games would have no gender gap given physical strength isn't a factor but it seems to be the opposite, I've been scratching my head about it for a long time

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Social "science" studies.

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I know one or more "studies" about MtF lack of advantages is written by a MtF ultra distance "athlete". Sure, pick the one discipline where women actually routinely win over men as the litmus test for lack of MtF athletic advantage!

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Sounds like the old joke about racist math books.

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Man, the researches reached the conclusion that they wanted to? Imagine that. Never happens.

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The second claim is that social factors confer advantages (support, training facilities, etc.) which then translate into athletic success; and TW are oppressed and discriminated against in life and in sport."

Then explain the many, many, many, many, many examples of famous pro athletes who came from poor, often inner-city backgrounds and literally had no socioeconomic benefits before the sport took them out of poverty.

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The people who push for letting men play women's sports just fundamentally misunderstand everything about sport and competition.

They don't grasp the idea of a fair playing field, they're complete aliens to their own bodies/the capability of athletes, they don't even seem to understand why people compete in the first place and yet they still appoint themselves authorities over this debate.

It's even funnier that it's ONLY Title IX shit being affected by this, precisely the one area of sports that self-proclaimed feminists should care about protecting.

The end result of trans activism will be a full and measurable step back for women's rights in almost every legal arena to essentially where they were in the 80s.

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Sounds a lot like the Humanities "studies" classes which are really a leftist, postmodern circle jerk. They're incestuous and endorse each other's nonsense in an effort to legitimize it academically. Colleges are just afraid to clamp down on it and demand more rigorous peer review because they'll get labeled some sort of phobist. In the end, it just erodes any academic credibility because these studies often come to conclusions first then try to support them with cherrypicked evidence from questionable sources.