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the anti-WMAF thing was started by hapas because they suffer the most from it

And on that note, the most hate AMWF get is from WM / non-XM who like AF, and AF themselves

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The funny thing is AM don't even think about WMAF but WM think about AMWF every day.

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So do AF.

Everyone else, it's a given. They hate AMXF cause it represents everything that they can never have. It's all one big cope.

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I mentioned before that I was in a variety of amaf & amxf. The most shocked & hate filled stares I've ever gotten was when I was in either amwf or amif. Its so funny cause some of the people giving me that look in the street were wmaf couples. At that time, I didnt put much thought to all these and was wondering why they looked so angry when they were dating out too

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The most harassment I've ever gotten for being Asian and getting pussy has been from AF first and XM who are interested in AF. They behave like incels

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yea r\hapas was the original that started it all if i remember right