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all the behavior of non-Asians is because they cant get what Asian males get for free

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Again, this just proves that black and white are the same in how they treat us. Don't fall for their bs. You always see a black or a white dude on tv, twitch, yt with AF, Asian groups but you rarely ever see an asian guy with a group of non-asians. Only for them to use you.

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the fact that 98% of non-Asian men get irrationally angry when an AM gets the girl, despite being "happy" with AF just proves what a joke they are

In reality AF have the lowest libido and the real prize is the love of a non-AF, and ironically women are genuinely only capable of loving an Asian (non Indian) male

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Also both white and black people have another thing in common. Whenever we call them out for their bs they reply with: "But but but AsIaNs ArE tHe MoSt RaCiSt!!!"