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These are not "movements". They are observable phenomenon in society.

and the most popular post on their forum has like 27 comments

Right, because back in the day, men weren't ostracized for being men. "Toxic masculinity" wasn't a meme, and those who were toxic, were just assholes, regardless of being men.


Agreed, except the status quo would disagree. Men are bad, unless they are weak and dress like women, and/or are gay. It's sad but true. There are plenty of examples in pop culture, with movies and video games. There are no more manly role models, and the ones from the past have been systematically destroyed, by either gender swapping or making them the villains. The best way to reverse this is to leave boys and men alone, and let them create their own spaces, and their own role models. Let them have their video game and comic characters again, to have something to aspire to, and then they won't grow up to be weak, pathetic males.

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I wrote an entire long comment that I managed to click away while submitting it. The summary was that men's testosterone levels are RAPIDLY decreasing due to pesticides, chemicals, and microplastics. Estrogen mimicking chemicals. The only effective way to fix it seems to be testosterone replacement therapy. This cultural decay of men is masking this physical decay of men.

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Possibly, I'm not sure about all of those. Definitely diet though. Meat is necessary for muscle and testosterone, yet it's being removed from kids diets more and more.

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This submission was banned on Reddit several times despite not breaking any rules.