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Yes, let's talk more about Skunkworks. They do a lot but hardly get any press.

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I suspect they like it like that.

I don't even know enough about it to do more than a basic search. I don't know the players, good sources (besides The Antedote (sic)), etc. Being generally not very interested in fast machines I'm not mechanically inclined either.

One thing I keep an eye out for but there's little known about is this:




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Wow thanks for that link about the X-37, you should make a post just to that wiki article.

I've read a lot about their hypersonic airplanes, like the X-43, which currently holds the speed record at mach 9.6.

I'm guessing the X-37 is part of the same series. This also shows how intensely interlinked NASA and Boeing are. Nice info, thank you.

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I feel like I did waaaaay back when I first got here, but my search came up meh.

I like that X-43 design with the scramjet. Thanks for that.

Interestingly enough, it kinda looks like something I thought up for my /s/BittersweetSeeds story. Though I could almost say that about any long pizza-slice looking craft. Also mine is not the primary craft, has fold out wings, etc. There's a very sound logic to my madness - and it's both simple and yet not. And above all - all of it has a purpose. I am constantly trying to poke holes in my ideas to see how valid they are, if they need a patch with another development/excuse, or needs re-conceiving, or is good as is.

I really think you're gonna dig it - but it's in the 3rd act. We have to build up to that and I'm still trying to get out the gate. By the 3rd act though, it should all pretty simple and down hill - for me at least. (Says me now.) My problems now are about unfolding information cohesively in an interesting efficient captivating way, and building character and drama too.

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Yeah scramjets are quite interesting. Basically just a tube that's on fire in the middle, lol.

Good luck with your story!

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It's like birthing a baby with your mind in slow motion. It's difficult, painful, drawn out, and not sexy.

I should have had a cesarean (like Caesar's mom), though with the mind, I guess that's a lobotomy.