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So you're saying the US isn't a "police state"? Come on! The entire "defund the police" is a thinly veiled ploy to rally people into bringing in a centralized, nationalistic military rule the same way that American military rules in the Middle East right now. Iran hasn't attacked anyone in centuries, they don't know how to fight an offensive war, which is a standard you can't hold the American military to and they do it on a religious basis. They just hate the American government immensely because of American interference in their politics over the past few generations and they aren't wrong to raise an objection.

JihadWatch and MEMRI are literally propaganda funded by the Israeli government, the guy that founded MEMRI is literally an ex IDF guy. Their conflict of interest and bias is clear, they want to paint Muslims as some cartoonish caricature of a villain for their own warmongering agenda. You want to believe that? Thats okay. Certainly there are cultural, social and even religious issues across the Muslim world which give some credibility to the criticism but rest assured that even the most malicious and harmful forms of propaganda have shreds of truth sprinkled in. In my opinion, if you have come to the belief that Muslims are some big boogeyman you should be afraid of, you've been duped into believing an ideology working against your interests... unless your goal is to kill some Palestinian kids throwing rocks. In which case, it is totally in your interests to believe that every Muslim is prone to violent conflict based on scripture.

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so you prefer khomeinis islamic republic to america?

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You don't have to PREFER IRAN, you have to leave that soverign state alone!

JihadWatch and MEMRI are literally propaganda funded by the Israeli government, the guy that founded MEMRI is literally an ex IDF guy.

Israeli Jewish Likudniks did 9/11 and common Jews MUST call them out.

Solutions: Let Israel fend for itself. The UN can then deal with Palestine. A one state solution in my mind would be the best option where Palestinian Jews, muslims and Christians recieve full political rights. Hence, end the ethnostate.

US must become a self-sustaining country; ban dual-citizenship in congress, ban civil servants having stock on wall street, kick all Israeli Nationals out of government, period. They can obtain US citizenship but if they have dual-Israeli, they cannot hold an office of great power, and can not be a member of the house of senate.

Subsidize organic farming. Provide farmers with the needed gear and tools. Domesitc, local produce must be held at supermarket and stores at above 50%.

Throw all those involved in 9/11 in jail. That includes all the Likudniks and Neocons.

HOWEVER, I forgive them but justice must be served.

Isolate our politics. No foreign intervention, free-trade for all but ZERO foreign interference of sovereign states domestically and internationally as Jefferson would have wanted.

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Let Israel fend for itself.

Look, I don't want America to be "pro-Muslim", hate Islam all you want, it is your God given right. What I would prefer is armed neutrality if ya'll are going to be so heavily armed. That would solve plenty of problems imo. Israel is ground zero for Muslim resentment of America, that is more than half the reason Iranians chant "death to America" when in fact most Muslims, including a vast majority of Iranians, admire American culture and are fascinated with the progress that could be made with America instead of against it. A lot of the resentment comes from the fact that there is a clear pro-Israel bias which actively stifles any legitimate "freedom" or "democracy" which could be developed.

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I think that he has a point here. Honestly, I would prefer Iranian foreign policy over American foreign policy in the Middle East any day. They aren't war mongering, like 90% of their religious leadership considers it un-Islamic to develop nuclear weapons. The fact that America, the country which invented nuclear weapons and is the only country to deploy nuclear weapons ever, gives Iran the criticism of "nuclear proliferation" just reeks of hypocrisy. Yes, they have political and social issues but that is their problem, they don't harm anyone. It is not our place to break into someone's house and tell them what to do when they haven't harmed anyone and done nothing to warrant that behavior.

I wouldn't mind visiting Iran, most people there don't just have a monolithic agreement over the religious puritanism of the government. The Ayotollahs represent the Iranian people as much as Trump and Obama represent America. I can't live there for the obvious reasons though. Their culture is very interesting, it is actually a prime example of religious moderation prior to British Petroleum and CIA interference with the monarchy.

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Iranians are some of the nicest people I have ever met.

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Iranians are some of the nicest people I have ever met.

Like honestly, I'm compelled to tolerate all the jihadi accusations against the Arab royal families, at least that makes sense but to paint Iran as some rogue religious extremist state looking to get nuclear weapons to destroy the West is inaccurate and just pushes towards war unnecessarily. I wouldn't give this defense for many other "Muslim" countries outside of Iran but the country just generally is not malicious despite their deep internal problems and sets a pretty good example typically for other malicious actors in the region.

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so you agree that all muslims should return to their countries and leave the west to the westerners then?

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Reading comprehension is poor. Yeah, ZioCons are trying to race bait white people in the US via manufactured color revolution into unknowingly promoting the Israeli ethnostate. Twitter is a great example.

You have Jewish ZioCons, pretending to be, or think they are "white" "supremacists" or race supremacists, either calling all muslims terrorists, or Malcom X ISIS, or black people less evolved monkey's and that they all should be kicked out of America, expelled to Africa or the middle east.

I see through it. They want as many white Americas under the Nationalist cause to side with white nationalism and thus unknowingly promote the ethnostate ideology which will in turn help the Zionist cause.

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black people less evolved monkey's and that they all should be kicked out of America, expelled to Africa or the middle east.

We tried this with a lot of support from the "black supremacist" movement within America after slaves where initially emancipated. That is how Liberia was created but then the newly returned freed slaves from America ended up enslaving the natives of Liberia using tactics learned in America. The profound irony of that should illustrate how absurd the human condition truly is. Ultimately, if you want to understand the complexities of culture and people, you'll get more out of Romans than you ever will from the mainstream media.

I see through it.

So glad that someone does. You're like way too unapologetic about it too. I find it to be super entertaining but I can see how normies would be threatened

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LMAO if everyone here has as thick of a skull as you do, I'll leave voluntarily, don't worry. You're just putting random words in my mouth, read what I said

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I don't agree with Khomeini knowing anything about liberating the globe, that just puts a religious framework on the criticism which undermines it where it doesn't need to be undermined, but there's some solid criticism stored in there if you're willing to hear it. I don't have to agree with the person passing the criticism or their ideology to acknowledge the validity of the criticism.

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it seems like you think evil america is no place for those innocent and pure muslims..

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Dude, everyone has the capacity to be evil and yes, America can be a hostile place for Muslims but it isn't that bad and certainly not what the media portrays. I never said Muslims are innocent and pure, they are just people and like every person on the planet, they have a tendency to be evil. However, the Iranian military has a higher ethical standard than the American military in the region and it is on a religious basis. If you truly think there is some Muslim agenda to undermine the West, you're delusional and part of the problem. 9/11 had more to do with Israel and the corruption within your own government than anything related to Islam. Most Muslims would love America if ya'll didn't have terrible foreign policy which supports the murder of innocent children.

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so how would you explain this muslim clerics actions or the roles ilhan omar, tlaib and huma abedin play in us politics? wuld you describe them as love for america?

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ilhan omar was certainly right about the "who" in 9/11 but as one of the few muslims in cogress she very well could be a controlled opposition. They all have to sign promises to pay homage to the Zionist cause and to never turn their back on Israel.

Many have left congress for this reason. So, I'd assume, like Cortez, they are fronting a neutral line but covertly backing Israel. It's quite cleer Cortez is, which makes me question almost everything she stands for.

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so how would you explain this muslim clerics actions or the roles ilhan omar, tlaib and huma abedin play in us politics? wuld you describe them as love for america?

Anyone that gets that far in American politics is bought and paid for by the heavily Zionist deep state. They are just puppets furthering an agenda one way or another. Not one Muslim in mainstream politics or news represents me. The only Muslims you get to hear from are "Zionist Muslims" or puritanical goofballs whose minds have been deteriorated by either brainwashing or war.

You want me to defend Khomenis actions? Which clerics actions do you want me to defend? Like there are literally millions of other Muslims I don't agree with, there are lots of disagreements on something as simple as prayer. What you are asking for is basically equivalent to asking a Catholic to explain why Protestantism is great.

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i think you are mistaken about the 'evil zionist jews'. case in point is ilhan omar, who is a qatari spy and qatar relays her information to iran.

tlaib, again is palestinian. those are typically not zionists afaik :-)

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Are you trying to flip what he said around? What I'm seeing is a clear shill tactic. It's not even covert, it is overt.

He said absolutely nothing about expelling muslims.

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Cmon, this is low iq