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The proof is mounting. How much evidence do people need?

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Here is an account from a pilot who was coerced into getting the experimental injection, and was injured. He knows of many peers with similar outcomes.

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Pilots will be even more at risk from things like clots as they already have the risk of DVT.

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39 airline pilots died in the month of July 2021 alone.

The 2021 list is yet to be completed. It is two orders of magnitude bigger than it should be.

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According to the magazine and this source, the 2019 and 2020 deaths are additional pilot deaths from those years that were not initially published. They claim that there were no excess pilot deaths in 2021.

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from what I understand that's not a valid debunk. The list is detailed not just by year, but by month of the year. Take a quick glimpse at the list by looking briefly at the video, or this screenshot here. list.jpg It does seem though that some retirees are included (eg TWA is no longer a current airline).

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yeah recently they have been cancelling a lot of flights and blaming it on the weather even when the weather is fine, it has to be a lack of pilots for some reason, either due to dead or refusing to get the vaccine

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Refusal to get coerced is a big factor, as is the shortage just from demographics. A lot of commercial pilots are retiring, and after age 65 retirement is a FAA requirement (max age used to be 60 not long ago). There aren't enough new pilots to replace them. I think 2020 pretty much scared most kids from investing in an expensive education as aviator. I'd love to fly but the takes so long to get licensed that's a pipe dream at my age. For those under 30 it's something to consider; i think the pay might be in the 200k/yr ballpark range.

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Peer magazine . . . run by salvation army . . . red shield.