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I don't like the font but the drawing is awesome.

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Feel free to replace it.

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Today I made a new sticker / flyer / meme about our Canadian government-approved vaccines for children from 6 months old up.


If any of you have good ideas for stickers, flyers, memes, comics, etc. fill me in, convince me to make it, or explain what your goals and concepts are so we can improve it towards being something I can get behind and be enthusiastic over.

Consider donating much needed support to Projex.Wiki and several upcoming decentralized platforms.

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Image: people shooting the vaccine up their own arms as if it were heroine.

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Not bad. Why?

Better? : "The New Fad: Virtue signalers addicted to risky self-harms display social concerns that Grandma might get sick."

Not sure junkies in alleys equates with citizens in vaccine clinics.

Might be better with humour too. Contrasting, my OP image is serious for flyers to put on people's windscreens, print as stickers, etc. for around vaccine clinics.

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Keep it concise and don't put too much information in there. I find the junkies comparison funny.

"Beware of junkies" with that same image underneath works too.

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Could this be done with an extant photo?

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It's more powerful if you make your own illustration.

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Depends on the quality of the photo or illustration - as well as the concept.

I'm still not solidified on the concept of people addicted to vaccinations. Doesn't make sense, even ironically or comedically. Sheeple addicted to authority might be more like it.

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To be honest: I see a lot of these comedic illustrations where it seems like there isn't much to it. Especially in newspapers. I just made up something in that vein. You should definitely go for something you're fully on board with.

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Agreed all around. The idea has merit, but needs a little more, and ideally a hook like a strong joke, deep irony, something profound, etc. I'm not after bland. I want quality over quantity. Regardless, this conversation hasn't been fruitless. In my last comment it occurred to me to do anthropomorphized sheeple - people with sheep heads doing stupid human activities mandated by tyrants. I have to think on it further.

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Great idea, I'd say go for it! It'd be funny if you made the heads somewhat realistic and a tad too big for the body. There are some cartoons that employ this technique, although it's hard for me to grasp which, as I don't watch many. But I'm sure there's at least one very popular one. I'm also thinking of Angela Anaconda; check out their style.

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