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Thanks for this post. I used to go to WPD to help understand the whys and hows about accidents and to further educate myself and others. Depression and suicide are no joke so I'm glad others can find some catharsis here now, too. Talk to someone if suicide permeates your thoughts. You will feel better and understand that there are many beautiful things to live for. I didn't save any videos but I saw damn near all of them on WPD. The shotgun video in question may have been the one I recall being in a Latin America country, dude was sitting on a bench at the end of a bed. His face? Gone. Upright and breathing still? Yuuup. Nasty, nasty stuff. Blood everywhere in the room, looked like linoleum floors maybe iirc. Cannot recall the full backstory but I think he had just shot his wife/GF and tried to end it for himself but the powers that be decided he needed to live. Not sure I ever saw any follow up story besides one pic post-plastic surgery. His "face" was reconstructed but it was a hodge podge as you can imagine. Be well, my fellow WPD traveller. Thanks to all mods that made the jump here to keep our education of death accessible.