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Thanks for taking the time to verify this kind of stuff!

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yw, my intent isnt so much to verify, but just figure out the who what where why, because seeing people get slaughtered for its own sake is only so much fun, and then I find they didnt die at all, which is good news, but I have nothing to post on WPD at that point.

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I don't venture over to this sub often at all so I'm super late to this but just wanted to let you know that I've always appreciated the sources and the summaries you provide on your posts. I always wondered how difficult it was for you and others to go through the trouble of tracking that stuff down, seems like it could be a huge time commitment. Sucks that you only get 1/3. You were responsible for a majority of the posts and it looks like s/wpd is on its last legs. it's really too bad.

I've gone through a large chunk of the /r/wpd archives but I miss the comments, wish those were archived too. I wish s/wpd was just 5% as active as r/wpd, just for the comment sections

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This blog post will help you understand why many of these "death" videos aren't really death at all, but instead informative clips for students to learn from. If you're curious about how people die or want to know more about any diseases or illnesses that may be affecting your family members or friends then this is the article for you