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    If you think that's bad get a load of this. If you use a browser that lets you view source. Load the site. and view source.

    Here is an excerpt from that source code.

    <meta property="og:video" content="" />

    Do you see that? Watch it. You see it's an animated version of the myrotvorets site logo. You can see from it's url in the source code, the myrotvorets site loads that video clip file from That's a fucking NATO server! If you scroll through the source code you'll see there are a bunch of other assets for that myrotvorets site also loaded from that server.

    A known terrorist hit list website has it's assets hosted on Holy shit.

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    I saw this too. This is pretty crazy and should be written about. Implications galore.

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    Now you too have a link to an asset hosted by NATO.

    You just proved that you're a western agent

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    LoL. You really don't understand the significance of this do you.

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    Hi raven! Yes I do actually. Take a look when you get a moment

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    No you don't. The mirotvorets animated logo together with a whole bunch of other site assets are hosted on the NATO server. Right now. To Day. The mirotvorets site loads them from there. Everyone can see that. Except you of course. So posting some bullshit from 2015 just shows you have no clue what you are looking at.

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    Oh dear raven. You seem to be falling into the same trap again, where you just believe whatever is put infront of you.

    Look at that link and replicate the experiment yourself

    Raven you don't really believe that Duginas killer dropped an Azov national guard membership card at the scene do you? I know you're partially retarded but this is something else

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    <meta property="og:video" content="" />

    Whois of had a whole bunch of "DATA REDACTED," except that it was registered in Nonthaburi Changwat, Thailand. I also don't notice anything else being hosted on it.

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    So basically we can use this website myrofart website and natocdn to crush opposition LoL

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    I agree - fuck the commies and their attempts at expansion.

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    Ah whoops you just believed op without verifying anything yourself. Now you look silly

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    Notice how op doesnt feel the need to post any links or sources. He just wants you to think his word is good enough

    Dugina was a laughable false flag by the ruzzians.

    If you believe their nonsense then I have a bridge over the kerch straight to sell you

    They want you, the sheeple, to believe that Duginas killer left an Azov membership card at the scene

    Then want you, the sheeple, to believe that the Ukrainian far-right would somehow decide to target one of the world's most famous Neo-Nazi thinkers.

    You'd have to be stupid to believe the FSB. Click the link above, it's laughably moronic.

    Edit - and here's the explanation that OP didn't bother to check

    Edit 2 - and here's what op saw while messing around in designer mode that he didn't think was important enough to tell you. Turns out "natocdn" is basically a free text field and the assets are actually stored at cloudflare

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    Thats right. Just keep babbling boomer. We can all see this is all way over your head. You don't have a clue do you lol.

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    Hi again raven! Take a look when you get a moment.

    So funny that you accuse me of being a boomer without a clue, when you're the guy who believes in alien invasion fake news blogs.

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    No one believes you here, your previous alt was banned for misinformation

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    I deduced your age from the fact you clearly dont understand the significance of what is in that easy to read source code to that site. That tells me you must be very elderly. Probably in your 70s.

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    That's so funny raven. Hope you're doing ok during this unseasonal invasion of martians and Sasquatches.

    It's a free text field. In another of the free text field, the website owner put "psyop.js"

    In reality all the assets are on cloudflare. You can replicate the experiment and figure it out yourself.

    You didnt answer whether you truly believe that Duginas killer travelled around with her cat dropping Azov membership cards. Because that would prove a lot about your mental capacity. But if you don't believe it, I don't know why you're here furthering this FSB nonsense

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      Could you make it a bit more obvious that you're unable to deal with any points I raised?

      Did you look in developer tools at how the "NATO" and "psyop.js" assets were actually at cloudflare?

      Did you believe the FSB when they said that Dugina was killed by someone travelling with a cat, who conveniently dropped an Azov national guard membership card at the scene of the crime?

      You can't deal with the content of my post so you shed a tear for the poor defenceless moscal katsaps. Thank orthodox Jesus they have you here to defend them.

      Buying into the narrative that Ukrainian, American, AND Russian government want you to.

      No, nobody from any of those three governments is telling me that the ruzzians are white nationalist scum who want to be tartar yokes on their neighbours necks. I've concluded that myself.

      And of course. The progenitor of Z was not me. I didn't decide to make the Z a core part of their national ideology. They chose that. So don't blame me for writing 'ruzzian'. That's a decision they made

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      I realize you love your country. For that, I have respect. But why waste your time on an unsympathetic audience?

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      gaZlov just answer this - do YOU think Dugina's killer dropped an Azov national guard membership card at the scene of the crime?

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      I didn't even read this conversation. I just see you all the time and only when talking about the Ukrainian Russo conflict. You are very passionate about Ukraine.

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      Yeah it's a difficult question to actually answer out loud isn't it. Only in the quiet recesses of your head, can you actually admit it.

      Let's just say, gaZlov saw the question but couldn't answer it. Let everyone reading judge for themselves why gaZlov wasn't able to write an answer to that simple question

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      I think in situations where Russia claimed it was Ukrainians killing other Ukrainians, they're lying.

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      Still trying to drive the conversation somewhere else. Like a true professional.

      Notice how gaZlov was not only professionally unable to answer the very simple question, but he cannot even allow the discourse to stay on the same topic.

      So let's see what he does if I really try to pin him down on the topic. This could be an interesting case study in how a professional avoids noticing how the emperor has no clothes on.

      Hey @gaZlov take a look at this

      The NWO deep state want the sheep to believe that Dugina's killer dropped her Azov national guard membership card at the scene of the crime.

      Let's put the question to gaZlov: hey buddy do you think any of that happened? Or do you think the NWO deep state FSB just made it up because they think the sheep are idiots? Which is it gaZlov?

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      Please stop switching my s to z. That's very annoying. I just told you I believe it to be a lie. Why ask again?