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I find it very weird that the West demands that everyone be able to vote and promotes "Democracy" all over the world, but when an ethnic group or nation holds a vote to decide something that they don't like, they spazz and label it "invalid". Ok. Are you sure, though? Are you sure? Because you're also telling me that Biden won the last election. It seems premature to be absolutely sure that these people don't want to be part of Russia. Many of them are, after all, ethnic Russians.

Even if you feel that these votes and the referendums are a total sham, what matters is that Russia sees it as valid. Attack or attempt to re-take these states, and get nuked. We better take Putin seriously. Because antagonizing him, demonizing him, sanctioning him, and refusing to work with him on anything hasn't gone well for anyone.

The complete lack and essential black-out of any ability to understand things from the Russian side has me very unsure of how to approach this war. I'm not saying Putin is a hero, but I'm not sure he's a bad guy, either. He sounds like a strong, patriotic man who cares about Russians. This war, at least from his point of view, was about saving ethnic Russians living in Ukraine from abuse. Those claims have not been very well examined by the Western media. There's no balance.

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I believe that democracy is a sham. All that matters is not who votes, but who counts the votes. So it doesn’t matter to me if these referendum results are valid.

However, this is also why I’m not on the side of the West. The West is weak and degenerate. And it’s run by insane psychopaths. America and NATO have no right to criticise and condemn Russia when their countries do the same thing. Invading Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya… the list goes on. Also, why should I believe that the 2020 Elections in America are valid? If you accept them as valid, then you accept the results of the 2020 Belarusian elections and the recent Ukraine-Russia elections as valid. I cannot tell if the recent elections in Eastern Ukraine/Western Russia were valid, but I know that the elections in America are certainly not. They’ve always been rigged.

Here in Europe, most of our politicians are retarded psychos who’ve done evil things. They get handpicked by the World Economic Forum, a Swiss corporation, and these politicians do as the WEF command because these politicians are stupid, weak bugmen who have skeletons in their closets. So honestly, why should I be scared of Putin, or see him as a threat? He’s not any worse than who we have running European countries.

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Very well said. I agree, the United States is horrible about invading everyone, messing with everyone's business, and manipulating regimes, yet we dare to complain about others. The US hates Putin because they can't control him.

Yes, US elections are rigged. Many of us can see that now. It's about money and power, not what's best for anyone.

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Right, is there democracy, or is there no choice?

Also, how many referendums can a government promulgate, before it’s more or less forced? You vote brexis, and then they offer the same option just different words 6 months later. And then they do the same thing 6 months later. And then they do the same thing 6 months later.

Is it a democracy, where the people decide what’s best for the country, or is it a few assholes pushing this tyrranical Ideas on a population.

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Jews. That is the source of our problems.

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Unfortunately, too many gentiles keep falling for their tricks. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 109 times, you might as well eat me.

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Funny thing. Zelenski is ethnically Jewish. He's a Ukrainian national, but he's not ethnically Ukrainian. So he may, in fact, not care if the Ukrainian people even exist in two years' time. If he were smart and if he cared about the Ukrainian people and not just Ukraine as an idea or a political / monetary tool, maybe he'd back down a bit and be reasonable.

Because his refusal to deal reasonably with Putin or give up any land at all may destroy the Ukrainians as a race.

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Zelenskys parents live in a mansion in Israel. He didnt bar fighting age males from fleeing Ukraine until after a large portion of Ukraine’s Jews were evacuated to Israel or fled to greener pastures. His political and previous television career was a product of the most corrupt Jewish oligarchs on planet earth, and he was already caught stashing over 150 million in an offshore bank account.

I doubt he cares at all about ukrainian lives. He was the one that repeatedly goaded Russia into invading in the first place, probably at the insistence of his neocon handlers.

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I think he is the typical zionist jew. He wants to destroy the Ukrainian race. Then he can make Ukraine the new Israel. Israel cannot expand without new territory, Jews want more.

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Blaming jews is getting old dude.The problems we face are more complex that"Ethic group i hate is the problem".

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The Neocons are a primarily Jewish phenomenon. That is just the reality, and it is the neocons causing this mess, together with Jewish media power and censorship that demonizes the Russians 24/7 and censors all alternative views in the west.

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Neocons are the worst.

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Weird because i was also told that Russia was already under the jews control because Putin said something nice about Israel so which is it?You people can't even make up your minds when it comes to "Jewish communist"or "Jewish bankers"even though both of those things contradict each other.

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Weird because i was also told that Russia was already under the jews control because Putin said something nice about Israel so which is it?

Who cares what you were told? I've been told a lot of things about a lot of things, much of it bullshit. This signifies nothing. Putin is a pragmatist. Jews held a lot of money and power in Russia and he was willing to use that to his advantage when the opportunity arose. As he became increasingly popular and more powerful, and began to crack down on elements he felt were subverting and looting Russia, more and more Jewish oligarchs turned against him and eventually the global Jewish community began to see him as a threat and obstacle to Jewish power and influence in Russia. Things really went to shit over his support to Syria and Iran, which turned the zionists against him and sealed his fate as far as they were concerned.

You people can't even make up your minds when it comes to "Jewish communist"or "Jewish bankers"even though both of those things contradict each other.

They dont contradict each other if you understand the concept of the enemy of my enemy is my friend and divide and conquer tactics. Jews almost universally hated the czar and wanted him gone. Some wealthy Jewish bankers saw the largely Jewish bolsheviks as a means to get rid of the czar, and offered crucial financial support, and this in fact achieved their aims. The Czar was overthrown and him and his entire family murdered, and Jews initially held much power in the aftermath of that. Are you denying Jacob Schiff and some other wealthy Jews initially supported the bolsheviks? This is pretty well established albeit downplayed and suppressed history.

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Maybe try asking your neo nazis friends why putin is shown with jews and supporting israel in several photos if they hate him so much.Secondly,do you not know what communism is?The Whole Point of Communism and Bolshevism is complete disdain for capitalism and private ownership. Indeed. One of the very first things the Bolsheviks did was to seize all Banks and more importantly, cancel all Czarist debts. Banks fundamentally work by loaning and borrowing money. They issue loans, then make money when the loans are paid along with interest. If this is insufficient, they borrow money from other Banks. In other words, by cancelling Czarist debts, the Bolsheviks denied the so called Bankers their income. The idea that the Bolsheviks would borrow money from hated Capitalists, or that Capitalists would lend money to people who've openly stated their intent to destroy them, is idiotic.

Second, the US State Department Documents tell the whole story. So called "Wealthy Bankers" in London And New York (some of whom were Jewish, which is the real reason behind the conspiracy theory), refused to fund the Bolsheviks. On the contrary, when Boris Kamenka, one of the main bankers of the Provisional Government (more on this later) was forced to flee Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution (where, as mentioned above, the Bolsheviks seized or shut down all Banks), the US based Banker Jacob Schiff (who happened to be Jewish) asked the US to provide him and the Anti Bolshevik Russian Czarists/Whites (who were also Antisemitic) all possible financial support "to prevent Bolshevik Devastation"

The thing is, the people who peddle the conspiracy Don't know a thing about Russian history. They don't understand the simple concept that there were multiple Russian Revolutions. One in 1905 after the Russo Japanese war, the 1917 February Revolution that overthrew the Czar and installed the Russian Provisional Government, and the October Bolshevik Revolution of that same year.

It was the FEBRUARY 1917 revolution that enjoyed support from US based Bankers, Including Jacob Schiff. And even then, it was limited. The US State Department records show that when Schiff was asked, he refused to provide any loans because all focus was on American War loans, as it was WWI at the time. If any US based Bankers did support the FEBRUARY Revolution, it was because the Czar was deeply unpopular and many segments of the Population were turning against them. They saw the winds of change, and more importantly that the Provisional Government was willing to continue the War (something that the Bolsheviks opposed). That's it. Any so called Bankers who supported the February Revolution did NOT support the Bolshevik Revolution of October, because the reasons stated above (Hatred if Capital and Banks, and cancelling Czarist or Provisional Government loans) made them prima facie incompatible, ideologically.

Source: Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, by Anthony Sutton.

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Let's assume u/agent_pecan is right. Jews are causing the problems in society. That would be a valid reason to hate them right? Isn't it healthy to hate someone that is trying to hurt you and the ones you love systematically?

I grew up with a close Jewish friend and my favorite authors and professors were Jews growing up. The most Jewish media sources were my daily information sources. I would have gone on envious and loving of Jews had I not learned about the negative things they do collectively.

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If you grew up with a close jewish friend and your favorite authors and professors were jews then i do not see how you can blame jews as a whole for these problems instead of blaming our shit politicians in general for our problems.I myself know a few jews, and all they do is just live their life in peace.I've looked into it and all i get are a bunch of narcissist who refuse to admit whites have made several mistakes in the past.Instead it's all"The jews did all these evil things to make whites look bad."EDIT It needs to be said that no where am i saying white kids should be judged for what their ancestors did, but to act like we did nothing wrong is just passing blame onto someone else.

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Everyone has their own role to play.

A hates B and B hates C and C hates A.

I have been saying for more than two years in this forum, "welcome to world war four"..

Well, here we are..

I also tried to tell you that the trannies and the LGB were nothing more than pawns in a king's game.

I warn you now, once again, that billions of people will starve to death and will also drink the blood of children to quench their thirst.

We are entering into war because the elites know that our resources are dwindling and that their financial schemes are failing.

The only solution for the elites is to eliminate upwards of 90% of the world's population.

Go home and hug your loved ones, while you still have time.

Who knows, maybe Jason can block a bridge again, lol.

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Perhaps they'll accidentally do 100%.

Life has to end one day. Just like Egypt could enslave the Hebrews for centuries but eventually enough was enough, so too the matrix cannot reign forever. Now there's already a way out of it, but I believe it will cease entirely at some point. And Judaism has always had a tradition that the world would end at approx. year 6000, which is where the Jewish calendar is right now. And "reality" has been degrading rapidly for the past decade or so. At this point it's no different than a convincing dream.

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We are having dangerous water shortages AND the financial schemes of the elites are about to melt.

Do you remember the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme and when it blew up back in something like 2008? When that happened, it caused a financial tsunami tho it was small..

Now try to imagine something like hsbc blowing up to the tune of trillions of dollars and euros because we find out that it was nothing more than a big paperwork ponzi?

It is literally possible that overnight ALL of our world's financial and banking systems could simply stop functioning. No banks. No insurance companies. No internet. No porn. No sugar babies. No water.

..and an army of zombies escaping from California.

The Jew never was the problem

Everyone is a part of the problem.

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Fear mongering is the problem, it is not a solution to anything. What does extinction rebellion solve? Nothing, they just get in people's way, cause damage to infrastructure and the economy and.piss people off. They solve nothing, all they do is fear monger and bitch about the world ending in 12 years. If the world ends, it'll be by a giant meteor or some cataclysmic event beyond our control, not the internet turning off and monies running out.

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Let me 'splain this to you slowly.

We live in a house of cards that is waiting to fall.

If one card falls, the entire house falls.

There are ponzi schemes waiting to burst.

That alone can set off a nuclear scale chain reaction.

I studied the basics of economics.

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Then let it fall. What can a chicken do to stop it?

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I actually have not said anything about stopping the falling of this house of cards.

..and I don't think that I would bother discussing such things with simple minded children.

Mankind is fucked, basically.

The insurance companies are bleeding internally.

The banks might as well restructure their books as nonprofits.

We have a president that obviously has a rather nasty case of dimentia? ..and his vice president is so incompetent that one of her first goals upon walking into the white house was that she is going to decriminalize prostitution..

Oh, jump for joy.

For the record, I could walk circles around both Biden and Trump.

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The end is nigh, oh woe is me, the end is nigh...

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and his vice president is so incompetent that one of her first goals upon walking into the white house was that she is going to decriminalize prostitution..

This is a good idea. Criminalizing the conduct of consenting adults is immoral.

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I'm not blaming Jews

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No, it is still the Jews.

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You can't keep blaming an ethnic group on all of your problems even when it makes 0 sense.So it was the jews fault for Russia starting a war in Ukraine?Yeah,i'm sure putin is brainwashed and surely invaded cause the jews ordered him to.

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You can blame a group who works to accomplish their racial goals at the expense of your group. Jews do it everyday. Be like Jews and attack others who threaten your people.

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I know of several jews here in New York and none of them are working to accomplish whatever racial goal you claim they're achieving.

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Yes, yes, Hitler was very good at distinguishing the various types of Jews and what they are and aren't doing. I won't try to rewrite mein kampf but this has been covered very well.

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I have failed to curtail the influence of a tiny minority of the people in my culture. I have failed in my duty to my family and myself, and will blame someone else!

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    • I don't have a drop of jew or n!gger blood in me, sorry to burst your bubble sweaty
    • Being a jew is actually not a bad thing
    • God favors them in case you didn't notice
    • You still sit there with your thumb up your ass instead of making life better for your virtuous white race which somehow doesn't include kikes or spics, making poor attempts at insulting those who point out your failure
    • For which, I pity you and those who are so unhappy as to live in your personal sphere of influence
    • LOL

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    a tiny minority who controls 30%+ of government, most media (TV, radio, social media), and the global financial markets.

    If we were talking "a tiny minority" of Haitians, you'd have a point but in this case you are being just plain dumb.

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    not a denial of culpability

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    This is a direct result of the neocons not being held to account for Iraq. Knowing what I know now, there was no way they would be held to account because of Jewish wealth, lobbying power and media control, but when Obama got into office and just ignored all the fucked up treasonous shit the Bush neocons had been up to I knew they'd be back in a different guise, and thanks to Jews being wealthier and more powerful than ever the amount of damage they can cause has increased substantially.

    I don't think they really care that much if Europe and Russia nuke each other, since they hate both. They're depraved enough they'd probably just see a nuclear war as the ultimate great reset, with the added bonus of wiping out massive numbers of Europeans and Russians. It would do in a few hours what the great replacement is taking a century to achieve. So long as Israel remains unscathed I dont think they'd care much, and Zelensky and the Israelis have made a big show of pretending the Israelis are neutral in all this in order to avoid Israel being a target.

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    This makes the Cuban missile crisis look like a petty squabble by comparison because even then

    Its actually quite amusing how much Putin's response to our actions in Ukraine parallels our own response to a very similar situation when the roles were reversed during the Cuban missile crisis. At least in terms of being willing to risk a war to respond to a non-ally building missile bases in your backyard

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    Somehow we are always on the brink, but no-one ever pushes the button. Curious.

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    We have Biden in the White House. And he’s retarded now.

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    Well, there's a first time for everything. Unfortunately the first time in this case will also be the last time.

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    Those nukes are made and maintained in Russia, at least half of are guaranteed not to work at all, and the ones that do, there's probably gonna be a dismal failure rate.

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    Oh yeah, Muskrat is the Russian government military's nuclear weapons inspection chief, he knows all about them.

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    That guy prices tritium... Wait, where does he get that price? The U.S. Military Industrial complex? Yeah, definitely. I think tritium costs the Russian government close to zero, given that they likely own the entire production chain.

    These are the kinds of dangerous fallacies these outfits will post up about as if they actually, you know, KNEW anything about the topic. The drive to minimize the threat of a nuclear attack from Russia has been real and is ongoing. You are playing their tune.

    Some nukes got damaged? OK, and? Some of them might not work? Sure. But what, you think Putin can't have his army maintain nukes?

    But even if HALF don't work, that's still 2,250 nukes. Don't worry, one of these has your name on it.

    So PLEASE stop talking like a globalist warmonger dipshit who likes to pretend that the Russian war machine isn't a threat.

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    Timothy McVeigh blew up a building using a U-Haul truck and some fertilizer.

    Fyi, Russia has plenty of open land on which to conduct testing of nuclear weapons.

    A country like Russia can deliver a bomb off any country's coastline using a civilian yacht, drop it in the water and create a tsunami.

    There are any number of things they can do that would create a disaster.

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      You might be ready for Psience: Revolution of Mind. It will be a couple years until the English language rewrite is done, but it's coming.

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        Psience: revolution of mind allows one to teach oneself the exact science of the inner workings of their mind. This allows, for example, the utter DESTRUCTION of beliefs and conditionings. One such as you can see the value in this, where most people have minds that are too shackled by their beliefs and conditioning to even see the value of such a proposition.

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        I think the matrix movie was way too analogous of the system we all live in and it caught the establishment by suprize. It opened too many eyes for their liking so if you noticed, they toned the original concepts down a lot in the sequels and turned it into some kind of zionist jew fest.

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        The human race has lived long enough. Now is the time for the cockroaches after the nuclear war.

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        Very well put, thank you.