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It'll probably get banned before the end of the month anyway. Admins like to keep a few subs open to concentrate the wrongthinkers prior to large scale bannings. The bans tend to come in waves where the first big ban nukes a few thousand smaller subs and a lot of active members and primary accounts, the wrongthinkers then flock to the remaining subs with their remaining accounts and discuss the bannings. The remaining subs become centers for wrongthink while allowing admin to collect new alts for the wrongthinkers and to spot the new evasion subs that pop up. The admins then have another wave of nukings. Repeat until all wrongthink has been eliminated and the site purified against decency and truth.

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The real conspiracy is that its part of the conspiracy. Look into the conspiracy "coronacircus"

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I left a week ago, and don't miss those Communist faggots one bit. I mean Reddit, not r/conspiracy. I..kinda miss that.

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the comments are so cucked on that sub tho. so many whining bitches that cry that "its a trump sub" and muh "both sides are the same" no, the cuckservatives arent burning down cities and calling for white people to bow, or stripping you of gun rights and freedom of speech

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Why bother? The whole site is bots and Chinese propaganda. Hard pass.

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That was a good one.

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I don't know. I used to really enjoy r/conspiracy. But even before this recent round of bans r/conspiracy was already so annoying because you weren't allowed to call out shills.

Now that reddit has widened their "hate speech" I don't even think it's worth it. I mean, you've got to really police your own words so much, and I don't want that habit to get entrenched in my mind.