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They'd run me out of there in moments. I'm rabidly pro gun. Just bought another yesterday, need to get to the range with it but am busy today. My favorite thing to ask anti-gunners is: "So you trust politicians more than you trust your friends, family and neighbors?" They deny that of course, so the followup is "if guns are removed from society, then President X (Biden currently), who is the direct boss of all military branches, the FBI and the CIA along with ATF, DOJ and every other bureaucracy, would have control of all firearms once they can get your friends, neighbors and family stripped of them".

Of course, the politicians all but stripped Mexicans ability to own firearms, and they are shocked that honest people followed the law but criminals didn't. They'll just bribe some port official to bring in a container of AK's from the Mid-east or the US border, and get grenades from the Guatemalan military next door- and now violence in Mexico, especial gun and grenade violence, is going off the charts there. But maybe someone might think that our criminals aren't as smart as theirs".


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I’m in the U.K. where self defence is basically illegal. Can’t even carry mace so I have a legal carry knife (>2” non-locking). I’m female so I want to be able to feel like I stand half a chance of defending myself, if I was in the US I’d have a gun. They are excellent deterrents.

Now I don’t wish for guns in the U.K. (we really don’t have the police to deal with what would entail) but I’ve gotten into REAL arguments with my country fellows about gun laws in US. It’s bullshit that you don’t have to worry about self defence without guns. Are people insane?

Y’all keep your guns. Keep your safety, keep your right to defend yourself and your property. It’s written into your constitution for a reason.

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This is exactly what I would expect from someone from the UK. I'm just appalled when Brits say things like 'We don't need no guns here! That's how you get mass shooters' and then you ask them how the shootings end and they proceed to call you a ___-ist, whatever the current leftist fad insult/movement happens to be.

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Yeah, they basically are keeping us unarmed and unable to defend ourselves. While militant Islamists are slowly taking over our country too. Just look at the Grooming Gangs cases that are coming to light here, estimated 20k white British girls targeted and victimised. Likely way more than that. I don’t think it would have happened if we were armed as a populace.

If the US wants a warning what not to do just look at the weapons and self defence laws here, there’s a reason why we have a significantly higher rate of sexual assault, as well as robberies, burglaries, and break ins, etc. It’s not empowering to disarm good, honest members of society. Which is what I see Biden pushing for in the states.

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Sorry to be nit picky mate but...

I have a legal carry knife (>2” non-locking)


Now I don’t wish for guns in the U.K.

We do have guns in the UK. You just can't own them for purpose of self defense or carry them around without a valid reason, but that's true of most countries including Norway and Switzerland. However, you can use anything for self defense on your own premise if it's considered reasonable force. There was a couple not so long ago that were having having their door battered down by a group of home invaders so the bloke took his shotgun and fired it at them. That was considered a reasonable use of force and no charges were pressed against them.

I get what you're trying to say, with guns being a privilege in the UK and not a right (I think the USA have got it right tbh), but the UK having a total gun ban is a myth.

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How do you justify supporting reddit? Not that you have to, but isn't everyone familiar with reddit owners, admins and mods?

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Reddit is a place for creating community and belonging,

That's blatantly false. Nowadays it's a place by fags for fags.

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Ridiculous! And I'm broadly anti-gun (for my country). A general argument in favour of gun ownership is not threatening violence! So pathetic.

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What is your opinion on motor vehicle ownership for people in your country?

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They're more useful than guns, so the reward outweighs the risk.

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What is your opinion on motor vehicle ownership for people in your country?

What types of vehicles, and how many people can they own?

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There are many vehicles that practically engage in human slavery to travel around.

But more seriously, deaths from careless, intentional, or accidental motor vehicle operation are far higher than gun deaths. Before the covid hoax reduced traffic, there were well over 3000 deaths per day caused by motor vehicles, with tens of thousands injured.

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human slavery


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Delete your Reddit account; there's no point wasting your time there.

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I will once I'm banned. And I'll post a whole field report when it happens.

Wait, will I still be able to look at all my wonderful posts on that glorious day? Oh great saiditers who have been blessed by the Hammer of Bans, tell me my future.

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Reddit blocks you from seeing the post history of banned/deleted users. There's websites that let you look at it anyways, though.

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Thank you. Any I should be using before that inevitability? I want to be able to look back over my own catalogue later. I post nothing but pure gold :)

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Reddit archive sites don't save everything, so if you want a permanent collection of all your posts: make a Wayback Machine capture of every page.

Doing that by hand will take a lot of work, but you might be able to make a bot to do it for you. Reddit has a bot API, but I don't know about WM.

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Reddit isn't free anymore. it's a Quora 2.0 for random question with restricted answers.

If you want cooking receipies or wonder what movie to watch, reddit will help. Beside that, it's corrupted to the bone.

Welcome to said it. Here you can pretty much anything. There's people from left to right willing to have discussions.

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I encourage everyone to delete reddit. I also thought I could fly under their radar for a long time, but I learned they'll delete any comment that COULD offend someone. I had like 140 people blocked. Finally, I left when one day it occurred to me that going their daily just ruined my day. Even though they aren't anywhere close to being as relevant to global opinion as they think, it feels like it when that's all you're exposed to.