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That guy was a flaming asshole when I was still on reddit 10 years ago. He's somehow still around, even though his real life name and address are known.

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Teflon trans, innit.

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He's even worse than any of us could've possibly imagined. KF just posted all the receipts.

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Upvotes to Von Wolf Demon. I'll just not say much more, as I tend to reference things like 'doing the needful' on a topic like this.

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[So where were you for ten years?]

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I started on reddit in 2005, and left reddit in 2015 during the censorship purges. Mainly went to voat, but added poal and saidit when they came into being. There was a phuks too. I made an account here a couple months after M7 (about 40 days after m7 and d3), and it was just a handful of us. Like three of us at one point. Then some more people started trickling in. It was antiextremes back then.

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Eh, Reddit OG? I can tell a Saidit OG too, with the name "Node"!

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I can tell a Saidit OG too,

Probably due to my promotion and growth of Goat's Weed peppers.

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Notabug should be the backup, not the place that steals your subs and edits your posts.

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I don't know Notabug, but having your backup on an enemy site like reddit is less than ideal. The sub should probably still exist just so reddit unfortunates can find a way to escape.

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Saidit partners with Notabug as a peer, and Saidit posts appear there. It's the natural choice.

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I did not know that. Is there something you have to do, certain typespaces or whatever they call them that I need to subscribe to?

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I'm not sure if there's a catch-all, since the peering arrangement is different (the NAB known peers page doesn't list it because it's only one way), and t/saidit is just used for posting about saidit, whereas saidit subs go to t/saidit.subname or something. I remember the comments on Notabug that announced it with more details at the time some years ago, but I'm not sure how to find those now. It would be worth a sticky post somewhere on either site.

If somebody's especially interested, trawl through any documents about peers (there might be something on github, because NAB probably needed some special code to handle one-way peering) or ask the admin go1dfish on Notabug, if he's still around. He's very easy to talk to.

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u/magnora7 you might want to set all the SaidIt subreddits to private or restricted.

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Thank you! Bardfinn admitted that he cannot trawl a subreddit through the API (the method he uses to mirror a subreddit's entire contents) or tag its participants in Masstagger, RES, etc when it's set to private.

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And remove the spam. Admins will take it from M7 for that alone.

Maybe he can make you and u/d3rr additional mods to help with that at least, in case something like this ever happens again?

If he restricts it, then only the three of you can post there as-necessary, so it doesn't become a honeypot for all the r/AHS losers to target.

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Does anyone know if could personally contact the moderator of /r/saidit and warn them about AHS trying to have their subreddit banned?

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About two weeks ago I went to reddit just long enough to delete my—I-don't-know — ten-year history so when that stupid alien appeared on my screen I thought it was the final flashback.

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If what AHS said about the /r/saidit moderator no longer being active is true for some reason, there must be a way for someone from saidit to take over moderating duties on Reddit. Anyone here with a Reddit account who's still on Reddit a lot (God help you) willing to do this?

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I'd be mod but I'm not very good at it.

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got no idea why it's redirected to the sub during lockdown.

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I commented on one of the posts. I guess I’m toast