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I get it. I keep crawling back but mostly because I like to watch it all burn. Bit of a masochist I suppose.

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Yeah that's what I've tried to do, numerous times, but it just ends up with the same result. I'm not there for the karma, the gilding or the fluffed up overreaching attempts to keep you on Reddit with unnecessary features. What kept me coming back was the micro communities. If I was nostalgic, there's a subreddit. If I was into restoration, building or design, there's a subreddit. Stuff like that.

Though I keep making the mistake of running into the motormouth subreddits. The ones where people tell phony stories, one up eachother in who's life has it worse or better, pointless flexes, ranting about first-world problems and wondering if it's okay to still go to the bathroom. Just nothing but shit post after shit post of people practically dumbing themselves down while also dumbing down the people who bother to read their shallow and inane attempts at socializing.

It's nauseating.

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For sure. I just want quality content and memes is that so fucking hard? Even debates about trivial things can be entertaining at least. Not so for these assholes.

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Hivemind is fine if the ideology is relatively beneficial for everybody.

This Woke-ology is just cultural poison designed by elites to destroy western civilization and replace it with their parasitic feudalism.

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They mostly think they are going for world communism, but the elites are actually after technocracy and using the useful idiots in the exact same way as the commies do

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There is a party line at Reddit and it is woke, virtuous in their eyes, bullshit. They think they can muzzle free speech and free thought and push critical race theory or whatever latest bullshit theory of the left is en vogue this week. They're Big Brother and they don't care. Fuck them.

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It's a shithole.

I just got suspended for 7 days for hatespeech because i was defending the 16 year old kid who started superstraight and said that no one should be harrased and called transphobic because they dont want to date a trans person.

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Just got suspended for three days for the same hate speech bullshit.

Called a MtF trans "woman" a freak BECAUSE they were verbally abusive to fast food workers.

I'm actually getting transphobic b/c of all this shit with them.

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Was it that lunatic that left and came back several times freaking out because some kid behind the counter accidentally said "sir"?

I was actually scared for that kid because i recognized the trans his voice. A while ago he made a vid walking down the street showing his gun and saying how he would shoot the next terf he meets and shit like that.

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I never even looked at anyone's profile's karma count. Why do you care about a 32-bit integer in a database?

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It's crazy that this is supposed to be a hive of alt right basement dwellers yet on reddit they literally just talk about sex (which they are not having) or buying drugs and hookers all the time and under any topic.

Then they all think they are so pure, enlightened and mature.

What's with that?

Is it just because the crowd here is older?

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Some aspects of it are great. Like Facebook. If you have a specific thing you want to learn about and gauge public opinion on, Reddit and Facebook are good places to check out.

Example, I have a ridiculously expensive smart-watch, a Garmin 5X. I've had it about 3 or 4 yrs now, wondering if worth paying nearly a grand for the 6X? Is it much of an upgrade? Are people finding issues or problems with it?

Who to ask?

So you just go to fuckbook or reddit and type it in. Likewise I often find i'll get faster, more useful answers by asking a company in public than I ever do filling in some contact form.

My point is, they are useful and there's no need to cut yourself off from them. Just don't bother with them for anything outside of that kind of use-case.

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Same here. As kalchaya there, I had over a thousand 'points', a gold and a silver something (kewpie dolls?), and so on. First adult timeout some commie mod or socialist admin tried to put me in, and I sent them my FU, then closed the account (before they could banhammer me). Never fell for the Fakebook/Twatter bait. I don't miss Reddit. I do miss Mewe, but I'll get over it.

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Yeah I keep getting banned for multiple accounts even though I only have one, open a new account and in days each one gets banned. Best guess is I use a VPN and they think i have so many accounts.