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I had a account but got banned for using multiple accounts, I had just one. So now I use a vpn and make a new account when needed. Yes I contacted the mods but they never got back to me.

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I don't even get that - it's not against the rules to use multiple accounts.

What did they say you did, exactly?

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The message just said I was using multiple account for ban evasion, I did have one account and no other.

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I would like to continue to use reddit in the future.

While this smacks of sticking with your abuser, aside from all the other negatives of reddit, there are a couple things you could try. First, lose your IP address. Next, lose your old computer or phone, OR change your MAC address as I linked in your previous post.

Both your IP address and your MAC address are known to reddit, and linked to your banned account. Until you change both of those, your chances of successfully making a new account are slim. "Oh look, it's /u/marni1234 again" - reddit

Note that just changing your MAC address won't address the issue of persistent reddit cookies on your device, or your browser profile if they go to that extent. And yes, then you could have zero interaction with your old accounts on your new clean device or they'd know it's you again.

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Appreciate it.

Do I need to delete cookies/clear cache every time I use my account?

I actually lasted about 3 months with a new profile using opera but they still figured me out, based on a subreddit-banned profile still being up.

Do you know if my deactivation erases whatever the moderators have on me (including comments), or is that archived?

Even when I deleted the comments themselves, they linked back to it.

What can I say, I'm an internet addict and most of my human interaction is on social media, while doing an extremely tedious menial job.

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Here's what reddit tolerates in mods. It's up to 53 pages now, filled with criminal history, child and wife abuse, pretending to be a girl, and amazing levels of psychopathic behaviors. Maybe your old account is in its "database of 30,000 Nazi reddit accounts", based on ever commenting in a "hate" sub.

Do I need to delete cookies/clear cache every time I use my account?

You shouldn't need to, once you have a clean new account. Just don't taint it by interacting with your old account. Maybe you can first log into your old account and delete it?

Even when I deleted the comments themselves, they linked back to it.

Delete your old accounts. Maybe use that script that auto-deletes all your comments first.

After changing your IP address (or using a VPN) and deleting all reddit cookies, try making a new account.

If that doesn't work, you may need to change your MAC address, or buy a new device.

To protect your new account, don't have similar interactions as your old account, and don't make the same comments in the same places as your old account did.

Good luck!

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What script are you referring to?

If I started a proflie on another computer - e.g. a work computer/their VPN-and then use on personal computer, would that trigger anything?

Part of what I'm trying to do is have dummies lying around to age, even if they're dormant

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Delete your old accounts. Maybe use that script that auto-deletes all your comments first. (first result of that search - check for others by adding reddit to the term)

I'm not an expert on ban evasion (lol), but what you want to avoid is any connection to your old accounts that would alert them. The VPN should solve the IP address problem, although some sites block VPN account creation. Try it and see what happens. The personal computer should be okay if it has no reddit cookies on it, and reddit hasn't identified its MAC address as belonging to you.

The worst case is that you'd just lose those accounts and have to be more diligent in shedding past connections next time.

Back when I used reddit, I had around 8 or so spares as a backup, and for specific contexts. They were probably all linked to my 'permanently suspended' account and banned too.

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I've been banned from subs for posting on a different sub. Also for providing too much of what I thought was interesting content. There is lot of very interesting content there, but the place is getting fucked as hell. I'd like to dump them personally but it is addictive.

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You made a SaidIt account, so just post here. Reddit was a lost cause ever since the CCP bought them out. Free speech is impossible there, as it's fallen victim to the red plague.

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For general news in my city or certain national stories and certain niche topics, this place just isn't active enough.

I dunno about the CCP, it's a toxic, abusive, self-aggrandizing attitudes of the people they hire and the changes they made this year specifically and it feels like it's coming from within reddit itself

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For general news and certain niche topics, this place just isn't active enough.

Then why not chive in and change that? If everyone contributed to an alternative, noone would have to tolerate the toxic environment of reddit.

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I don't understand why people are obsessed with participating in "active" forums, where nearly everything you post immediately fades into obscurity.

If you rely on Reddit for news: you're gon'o be brainwashed; Reddit only allows articles that push a far-left agenda. SaidIt may be less active, but at least you see articles that ain't state-approved by the People's Republic of China.

SaidIt's non-political subs are dead, but I still post in them, because I want other people to do it too. I don't beg for attention, so I couldn't care less if only two people read anything I post. They'll get bigger over time, but only if people like you actually post there.

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And after all still can't wait to "continue to use reddit in the future"? Duh!

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all of the major social media outlets are the equivalents of crack houses.

you walk in thinking that you are going to have mature conversations with the operators of these crack houses.

when you leave these crack houses, you wonder why they stoled all yo monies.


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Browser fingerprinting. Use another browser.

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I used opera for the 'banned profile", deactivated the banned ones so they wouldn't show up linked to any new profiles, cleared my cache, got rid of "bad profile" passwords, and they still banned a new profile today that I wasn't using to do anything but message people.

Do they keep archives of suspended profiles?

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I'm sure they do. Use a completely new browser and new account.