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/r/dogtraining forbids any mention of dominance theory even though it is the most traditional dog training method adopted by many trainers worldwide. Any theory that is not positive training will be straight up banned.

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Yea, most Redditors are suckers for letting their dogs walk all over them. You'll often see that in r/aww. People speaking in light of situations where their pets disobeyed and destroyed things, and they make it come across as something that's supposed to be "normal". Like no, mate. You just didn't bother to train your dog properly. It's not a "cute" thing when it misbehaves lol

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I tried positive reinforcement when I adopted my two previous cats but it did not work. They were problem animals, their owner had harassed them so much (not intentionally, but doing stupid shit) they decided to piss and shit over everything.

Breaking them of that habit was brutal. I don't mention it because people flip out. But it was either stop them from anger pooping or put them down.

But it worked, and they both lived long and happy lives as well trained cats.

My current cat I let get away with too much, but his major transressions, like the few times he thought swiping at my face or hissing at me was a good idea, just get him timeout in the cage. He's a needy fucker so he hates that, he likes to be able to get to me at all times.

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What drug was it?

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This should be obvious since that place is prone to echo chambers and rampant censorship. This is especially the case with crypto subs and is pretty creepy that all of them say the exact same things about their investments with an assumption that theirs is entirely unique.

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I agree with most of your post except "Reddit can be a good source of information".

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Nah it can. For example, since the userbase is so big there's many niche communities of hobbies/skills that most people aren't interested in but a small group of people. Because of that it becomes a general hub of information. When you ask a question about something in relation a particular topic on Google, there's usually a bunch of Reddit threads that pop up asking the exact same thing. There are many aspects of the site that make it total trash, but you can't assimilate political/social narratives in something like joinery.