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Totally agree with almost everything you wrote, and it's just not worth polluting your mind with Reddit hate. Saidit has every kind of person Reddit despises and yet, it's still so much friendlier here. I do like cat videos though.

I asked on "r/askwomen" about the sound of male voices that they find attractive

I think all the women's subs have been coopted by radical transwomen now. I'm guessing male voices is probably a sensitive topic for them.

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That is true, all "women's" subs are full of TIM's. Even the mods are TIM's.

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Trannies and breeders need to go. There is no reason to tolerate any nongay sexuality any longer.

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I'm with you. So-called "straights", breeders and "trannies" should be gotten rid of

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Reddit is now just a porn site with an overly large forum attached.

You can say anything so long as it doesn't make someone feel bad about their dumb fetish.

Unfortunately men can fetishise pretty much everything.

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I never ran into problems with fetishes, it was usually when the mods didn't like what you posted. The biggest motivator was politics but they were extremely tight about which cat pictures people are allowed to see too.

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I don't understand.. Why would you want to do reddit the favor of giving it your clicks? Whatever it once was, it's now a social media experiment controlled by the CCP and the more clicks it gets the better for them. Please, please stop giving them your clicks.

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No nazis on Reddit. Only commies.

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You're not wrong - the modern internet expects you to "just know" what nameless people are feeling and not offend them.

I have had some success on Freenet's FMS (a pain to set up) and good old Usenet but, the audiences will be minuscule compared to the major websites.

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The problem isn't Reddit, the problem is modern culture. All members of modern culture (since at least 2010) are scum. There are a few people here outside of modern culture, so this site is better.

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OP here. You have a very good point. It is so much more than reddit. It is what has become of our world, both online and offline. Sad. Actually, on second thought, it is much more than sad, it is tragic.

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There are a few places outside of modern culture that are okay. See /s/ConservativeExodus.

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The way you keep calling them "nazis" makes me think you're covering for the commies.

What's happening in reddit is much closer to bolshevism than nazism. If it was nazism they would "burn" those degenerate subs, you think Nazis burned any of the good books?

You know what infuriates /r/askHistorians? The mere notion that history is written by the victors.

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Bolsheviks and crony capitalists control the US, not Nazis. Nazis were ruthless and against usury and speculation. Newhouse controls reddit which is a billionaire Jewish family.

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OP here. It is just easier to use the term 'Nazis'. Especially for someone (like me) who hasn't given much thought to how to label the ppl and/or organizations that get me down. I appreciate the suggestions and will re-evaluate my phrasology (obscure Music Man reference!).

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Humans are doomed by our technology. The person who found a way to make fire was probably burned at the stake. One of the first uses of airplanes was to bomb each other.

We are very close to complete surveillance, similar to that in Orwell’s novel. All someone need do is require a Chipping, with the Covid mandates as a warmup.

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Mostly agree. But it is way too simplistic to say Orwell's novel warned about surveillance. To me, that book warned us more about the determination of those who do the surveillance, and their desire to exorcise every human passion from the soul, only to replace those passions with an unwavering passion for "the party", and an equally rabid hatred for "the enemy". Surveillance is a merely the many rivets that build the mighty structure that is "the party". It does not even matter what "the party" stands for. Nor does it matter who "the enemy" is. It only matters that the people have a pure love for the party in their hearts ... that love having been cultivated by "the party" itself methodically supplanting all human emotions with unquestioned love for "the party" above all else .. even above family, above love, above sex, above kindness, etc.

There is no question there are many competing interests in our world today, many of which would become Orwell's "party", even without overtly attempting to do so, merely because they are gaining the power to do so. We are rapidly coalescing into a small number of highly angry tribes, each tribe hating the others simply because their party leaders ritualistically (e.g., every night at 6pm) tell them they should hate other tribes.

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This was the warning in Genesis. Old wisdom is useful.

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Fully agree. I even posted a funny meme, a very tame one too, on Torum (a newer crypto social media site) and it got removed for violating so called community standards. Done with that place. I'm on Bastyon which seems more promising.

Also, just want to point out, as I've been studying this quite intently over the past few months, that popular music has deteriorated severely in your lifetime. 1960s was fantastic, 70s, 80s also quite good, until about 1988, maybe 89, when it got awful. Early 90s is terrible. I'd like 80 of the top 100 songs in the 60s-80s and early 90s might be 25/100. I'm almost afraid to continue past 1995 where I am at now.

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popular music [...] until about 1988

Yes. And of course there already existed many non-pop genres out there, but at that time MANY sub-genres began the explosion to where now it's just impossible to keep up with all of them.

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I'm almost afraid to continue past 1995 where I am at now.

I picked out some notable alternative bands active in 2000-2005, do you like any of them: Coldplay, White Stripes, RHCP, Weezer, My Chemical Romance, NIN, A Perfect Circle, System of a Down, Jimmy Eat World, Gorillaz, Modest Mouse, Blink 182, The White Stripes, Silversun Pickups, Beastie Boys, The Killers, Green Day?

There was a lot of crap in the whole 00s decade but it wasn't all bad.

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Yes definitely like Weezer, Blink 182, Green Day, will check out some of the others. Every decade had some good groups and bad groups and good songs and bad songs, but the top 100 each year got really bad, overall. I'm not sure why in the 89-94 time frame much of the music people liked was so awful.

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overall. I'm not sure why in the 89-94 time frame much of the music people liked was so awful

It had to do with the music industry but it was so long ago I don't really remember the details. I think basically it happened because almost all music is controlled by a few major players. They decide what you listen to-- less so now but decades back they had even more of a stranglehold on the market.

So bands like Nickelback are elevated because some scout saw a show of theirs, reported it to his boss who probably had a meeting about it, and the criteria they used to predict hits was formulaic and probably involved people in cubicles and spread sheets. It just didn't lend itself to good music in general.

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Kudos for Silversun Pickups! On of my favorites. Drummer had great energy that drove the band, kind of like Muppets' Animal but with his eyes closed!

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A lot of us have surprisingly similar music tastes. s/music and s/musicvideos are pretty active subs here. I posted Lazy Eye and learned I should listen to the rest of their stuff.

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Funny you mention the 90s. The internet was the wild west, and a damn good place, there was ZERO censorship. Okay, maybe just a little in certain group on mIRC.

I thought we had the worlds problems figured out, everything was so inclusive of everyone. Just listen to Sirius XM 90s on 9 for that example. On one station, you have rap, metal, hip hop, and pop. No other station has that, that uis what the 90s was. Then 911 happened, they they indoctrinated the millennials, now they are all psuedo nazis. They haven't started rounding up and killing people, YET.

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reddit Zionists

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It's incoherent to describe abuse inflicted on you by the Left as "nazi".

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Yea. I know. I only use it for things I need. Like information. I see you tried that.

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I still use Reddit a lot, because it can be an invaluable resource when I'm looking for help with a hobby. But it doesn't matter which sub I'm in I take extra care when I'm asking or answering a question to not venture into territory that's going to attract the attention of the hive mind. I'm on my 5th or so ID there because all the previous ones got banned for this offense or that. And I don't even try to be offensive; every one was completely innocent. There is nothing so unforgiving and less compassionate than liberal ideology.

One time I got banned from a porn sub for typing Jap (for Japanese). I then made the mistake of defending myself by pointing out that the racial slur is Nip, whereas Jap is just short for Japanese. What was especially delicious about that incident was the sub was literally chicks debasing themselves for horny dudes to jerk themselves to. But some white guy decided to take offence for an entire race over a non-insult. It would have been hilarious if it wasn't so fucking moronic.

But it's wearing, having to always self-censor or else you might lose your 'rights' to the playground. The old "behave or else".

It helps when you realize that a lot of the outrage is generated either by paid shills or by a relatively small army of self appointed enforcers; both the mods and just regular white knights. But one voice can sound like a big noise on-line. The many that once made Reddit so great have been brought low by the few.

But I don't bother to visit any subs that aren't for my specific interests. The blatant, unabashed agenda pushing in even the most innocuous subs is so grating. Reddit used to be my #1 source for cute cat videos, but not any more.

Almost all of us start off liberal, but only some of us actually grow up and recognize the folly of our youth.

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The "reddit nazis" are the winners of the 20th century. They have the monopoly of violence since they control almost all governments, media and popular opinion. The only way to destroy them is with decentralized information (websites that are unable to be shut down, since every individual will host it). I think that's the world natural path, but I don't know If they can do anything to fuck it over.

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The Soviets and East Germans were infamous for censorship and the practice of "reality control". The NSDAP ("nazis") not so much. Your headline and first sentences would've been less confusing if you'd used a better analogy for Reddit's administration.

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Dang! You're at least the 5th reply to take me to task about using the term 'nazi' ...

... at least I haven't been banned for doing so!!!!

(and I will try to be a bit wiser with the title of my rants in the future! Promise!)

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The internet has brought countless people together from all over the world who share the same interests and ideals so they can cloister together into virtual 'countries' and territories to draw borders, write laws, appoint leaders and police, establish forces/fortifications against 'outsiders' and worship idols representing their respective ideologies.

Some things never change.

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The truth is, reddit is nothing more that a bunch of censure crazy nazis

Saidit censors too, all platforms censor content they don't want to promote.



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but surely you must agree there are different degrees of censorship? I cannot imagine, for example, saidit censoring me for many of the personal thoughts I attempted to share with the world via reddit. I am sure I can find a line I cannot cross on saidit, but I am sure it is much further back (on the road to censure) than reddit's has been for the last several years.

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SaidIt is better than Reddit, but SaidIt isn't really free speech. So I plan to clone Saidit, see /s/FreedIt.

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When I turned 60 I realized I still have no idea who to ask for answers

What would you like to know?

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California man wades into floodwaters to rescue drowning kitten

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It's time to do to them what the allies did to actual Nazis. Operation Bedknobs and Broomsticks starts now.