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I came over here because Reddit permanently suspended me. I didn't see any reason, just stuff like "repeated violations" and "suspicious activity". I used the appeals form to ask what the reason was, as I couldn't exactly argue why I deserved to stay if I didn't know what I was being suspended for. They merely informed me they had reviewed it and the suspension stays. Still no reason given.

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Yeah, I've gotten a lot of bans over the years on Reddit, almost never told why. The last time I hadn't even used my account for weeks, it had to have been for retroactively violating the new rules.

You can just make a new account if you want to.

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This is your housewarming gift. You have a home here, but it's a little different than reddit. Some users here are a little biased, and you can even name the elves if you're so inclined.

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Reddit is what happens when normal kids go to college and come out foaming-at-the-mouth retards. It's been a steaming pile of shit for at least 3 years. I hope you follow through on your exit.