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Unless more people start actively sharing links to saidit on Facebook, group texts, tweets, tik toks, etc. this place will die. Reddit may be shit, but it is the shit everyone knows.

The next time you want to share anything on the internet with anyone, be it a meme, a news story, or research; first post it here then link to your post.

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Agreed. Also, in my case, I'll share direct links on FB but share SaidIt as proxy for FB-censored content like .win links or when there are good comments here. I don't want to waste my FB friends time. But I don't spend much time on FB now anyway.

More importantly, IMO, we need to build out from SaidIt. Right now we don't have an army of coders, so we're limited on that front. However, Projex.Wiki is a new tool, MediaWiki, one of the most developed FLOSS platforms, and we can plan where we want to go with and from there. Hopefully this might attract more attention that will circle around back to SaidIt, FreedIt, WikiSpooks, and our other platforms in a feedback loop.

/s/Projex - stay tuned.

I believe our SaidIt community has more to offer than just an aggregation forum.

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This is true. However there's a problem. Pretty early on these platforms realized that if they take a heavy handed approach to censorship it results in mass exodus. That's how reddit initially gained popularity years ago (mass exodus from digg). So they are careful now to ban in small increments instead. It makes it much harder to organize a move and keeps the outcry to a manageable minimum. This is why I think it's so important for every online community to have a bunker set up in advance. By the time you're being targeted by censorship it's already too late.

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Digg was a massive pileup, right?

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People like to debate this and that and little gets resolved, especially in politics, and especially when there is not a singular nor clear answers. One could even argue that all of this is a waste of time done to death.

But it just occurred to me that there's one debate forum that might be worth actually starting (as Lemmy or SaidIt-clone). Pick your favourite name or suggest your own:

  • ScienceRage.Party

Or make acronyms of longer strings of words. You get the point.

Bonus idea:

  • (a parody of the Church Of Subgenius replacing Bob Dobbs with Fauci, maybe with some Shepard Fairey art)


ping: /u/d3rr, /u/zyxzevn

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seem the most attractive as names.
We can also spread it to people that want to discuss topics outside of PigPharma.

I do think that some topics should be separated, like cold fusion or healing with illegal plants.
We also need some ways to avoid flat-earthers and shills. Some ranking system?

As a computer language, I am now preferring Nim. It seems fast, strong and the most flexible. It beats Rust and C++, and looks a bit like Python/ Pascal.

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"ScienceUncensored" is shorter and still to the point. I don't like the agro-conflict of "debate". The debate will be there regardless, as it is on all social media. "FreeSci" or "LibreSci" seem too short, but maybe. (Libresci looks Italian and sounds Polish with "ski".) "Free The Science" is nicely active - as we need action for solutions more than just documentation, IMO. Maybe all this is worth a discussion on /s/Cassy.

It seemed like a decent epiphany to me, though I was skeptical if any topic is worth trying to isolate like "science" (more like isolating from politics), but your great ideas are encouraging. I'm still not sure if an entire separate forum is even necessary, however, because it has a dedicated theme of extreme interest and need in these strange 5GW times perhaps there is a market. Not only would it be potentially great as a wedge into other communities (sciencey and/or intelligent, I would hope), it might be nice to tie it back to SaidIt somehow. Perhaps with enough clever folks interested we might find some coders that can build bridges between SaidIt and Lemmy or whatever, if needed.

Now that SaidIt code is being fixed I wonder if

We can also spread it to people that want to discuss topics outside of PigPharma.

If I understand you correctly, you're implying that I was only referring to the biggest, most obvious, worst corruption and regulatory capture - but we know very well that all of science and academia are corrupt through and through. I didn't have any limits in mind at all, though I agree that separate topical subs would be important for clarity, research, etc. (ie. "cold fusion or healing with illegal plants"). Having a FOTPACH (fair open transparent peaceful accountable consistent honest) social management system we could organize the topics and categories to be practical and efficient - and collectively determine when new subs are created and under what names (easy reference: Wikipedia categories).

Ironically perhaps, science pervades and affects all other topics, so essentially it's just a re-branding of sorts from a conspiracy/corruption/political perspective to a science/corruption perspective. Essentially much of the same but different, and hopefully the discourse would shift and elevate accordingly.

We also need some ways to avoid flat-earthers and shills. Some ranking system?

I don't think avoiding them is a solution, but we would need to develop open fair systems to manage the STABs (shills trolls and bots), sealions, and spam. Better ranking systems and/or metatags (and/or crypto) would be great - but that's a whole custom thing, perhaps better addressed with standalone modules inserted in the site (ie. SaidIt chat) or networked browser extensions. If they don't exist they'd have to be built. I also have lots of ideas about bridging between SaidIt, Facebook, and MediaWikis.

I don't code, but Nim sounds good. Ever use Nim /u/d3rr? Maybe I should learn one to build my bridges. Any chance I could just make those flowchart schematics? You'd think they'd make some visually oriented GUIs for coders.

/u/fschmidt and /u/LarrySwinger2 may find this conversation of interest.

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nope, never heard of Nim.

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Based on this what do you think?

/u/zyxzevn, It's strange that their logo is a crown, and their first conference in 2020 was held digitally due to COVID.

/u/fschmidt made a language too that he things is the best.

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It is not my language. It was first "nimrod", but later renamed. But there are probably some strange people connected with it.
Politically I prefer it over Rust, that has some woke elements.

As language I prefer "Elixir", due to more flexibility. But it is connected to the Erlang virtual machine and has a lot of similar downsides.

I still want to continue on my own computer language, a visual based system.

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nim looks pretty awesome actually

As of October 2021, Nim compiles to C, C++, JavaScript, and Objective-C.

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Okay, here's my input. What do you call a code monkey who's fluent in Nim?

A: Nim Chimsky.

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As long as they dont come here and start demanding that we add a dislike system. You know. The Sharia Law that destroyed Reddit.

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I think not having downvotes is better because you don’t immediately get hidden because you have an opinion people don’t want to hear, sometimes the things people don’t want to hear are the things people NEED to hear…

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This is a good point, I do want downvotes but don't want posts getting "hidden" cuz of it, I just want to have a quick shorthand way to say I agree or disagree with something, and to see what the general thoughts are others have. A lot of times on reddit I would sort by controversial to see what the truth is. And if a post is heavily downvoted that tells me the person may be on to something. That is cuz most people on reddit are idiots. It'd be different but similar here. That being said I am not really complaining, it's not the end of the world that saidit has laugh votes instead of downvotes.

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that's like winston smith thinking the proles will ever rise up

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sharing opinions with open minded people. Thar's the problem,reddit is full of closed minded snowflakes, I said tolerance of different opinions is important to society,with out it you have for example reddit. And got banned so now I create a new account every week just because I'm getting banned for being honest and truthful.

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Deweaponize language to free minds.