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The global tech fascists decided it was their job to control what the people should discuss amongst themselves.

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Absolutely, what you said.

There are specific points in time where this happened.

Ellen Pow was when they came out and said it.

Getting rid of watch people die, fat people hate.

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Nothing is wrong with reddit, all the subs I regularly visit and post in are still around. The subscribers in those subs engage in good conversation. Those who are angry with reddit are those who were banned due to their actions that goes against reddit's terms of service. Those who complain had their favorite subs banned for being bigoted and subscribers of those toxic subs would brigade other subs, bringing down the experience for other redditors.

If reddit was ruined there would have been a large exodus of users to one of the reddit clones which never happened. We have users here mention how they use a VPN to still post on reddit after being banned. If reddit is ruined there would be no people here discussing circumventing their IP ban by paying good money to use a VPN to access a free site that's "ruined".



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I guess we'll see.My guess is it turns into the next Digg and loses its userbase to an actually good website.

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I think it was the new design. This design, like oldreddit had, was more from the street, rebellious. I think this design is like New York from the 80s and early 90s, where you could do anything you want: you had fun, you discussed philosophy, you watched old school memes... And now it's like the fanciest place in London nowadays, where you're a pariah if you don't wear your necktie accordingly, no matter if you agree or disagree with somebody.