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Just to let you know.

You can be rude, and mean, and cuss, and yell, and call bad names, and link child porn, as long you you right think.

If you wrong think, you get censored.

Reddit is trash.

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Reddit is a shithole and libtarded leftist echo chamber.

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One of my accounts had almost half a million karma in a year. Also didn't break any rules for my bans, and never told why. They're purging the people who once generated popular content for those who echo Reddit's ideology.

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Do you know who targeted you? Did you check to see if it was /r/AgainstHateSubreddits?

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At least one ban was definitely from AHS, I said they were a hate sub lol then got site wide banned. Others were from, I suspect old content that fell foul of new rules, and that I suspect was algorithmically done.

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Yea, you're a victim of their tyranny, but the thing is, people knew they were tyrants for years. What made you stick it out so long?

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There's a Mexican proverb that I can't do justice to but goes something like this: God measures a person's height from heaven to the top of their heads so, who's short now, bitch? The second half of that is made up but I think it's a nice touch.

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I had 4 or 5 all banned at once, no rule braking, nothing questionable for content, and they refused to ever respond to me. Then I found an admin had manually picked through my comments and shadow hid several of them, for what only can be assumed as super petty political reasons.

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Do you know who targeted you? Did you check to see if your subreddit was ever name-dropped on /r/AgainstHateSubreddits?

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Checked there and I don’t see r/heightdiscrimination or my name, u/artforsaken, in there. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough.

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sorry they had to do that to you but reddit sucks pedos dick anyways. you'll be better off honestly.

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Suspended from reddit, OMG, what a disaster!

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I dunno why I put my artworks in there to show off. I should’ve just created my own art website for that. Pretty stupid of me to put my work in Reddit.

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Was not a mod but I was just permanently banned and I cannot get an answer. Had over 190K post karma, or whatever it is called, and was always one to offer advice and so on. I got so tired of the weird sex questions on Askreddit that I finally answered "your mom" to one which was so unlike me. Next thing I know I am banned. Asked for a review and that was a joke. Oh well. Was losing interest in in anyway.