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I got banned from conspiracy threads because I was providing a lot of evidence to my claims. Also got banned from Trump forums as I was also providing evidence against/for certain claims. Pretty much got banned from half of reddit and shadowbanned from nearly all of reddit. There no warning and no reason given.

It's more so the intelligence community controlling the media/social media. On mainstream social media platforms, they tend to suppress conservatives, certain conspiracies and certain geopolitical narratives. The purpose of targeting conservatives is to create tribalism and polarization on their end. Notice guys like Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Steven Crowder aren't really suppressed, but rather promoted because they're shills used to help promote polarization.

Dems = doing evil shit, suppressing our freedom, toxic SJWs, etc. therefore vote Republican

Republicans = racist, believe in crazy conspiracy theories (lizard ppl/Q was spread by the government), don't believe in freedom of choice (abortion, gender), etc. therefore vote Dem

All these cultural conflicts and arguments are manufactured. Gun vs no gun. Pro-choice vs pro-life. BLM vs ALM. Defund the police. It makes you pick a side and gives you two options to choose from. Right or left. Both are compromised parties.

In terms of your post (pro-choice vs pro-life), I don't think it's a black and white situation philosophically. There's still a lot we don't understand. For instance, you may think we're killing a person, but let's say the "soul" is real. At what point does soul reach the fetus? Likely when the brain develops to a certain point. Before that, the fetus is an empty vessel. If you get rid of the vessel, the soul will just enter another body.

Policy-wise it's even less black and white. A straight up ban on abortion doesn't get rid of abortion. People will just go through other, likely more dangerous, means. It's like banning prostitution. It doesn't stop it and doesn't address the core issue (human trafficking, exploitation, etc.) - it might actually make things worse.

Instead, you can address one of the core issues. The leading factor in abortions is financial distress. A large majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. If you address that, you can reduce abortions by a large factor.

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Regarding SCOTUS, I'm supremely confident the issue isn't so one-sided as to override the 10th amendment. Let the states decide and stop resting on Roe v Wade.

Regarding abortion writ large, I think you see that I feel it's fucking evil. I am, however, willing to temper my opinion and see how things pan out between states. Surely some data will emerge to support my position...or change my mind?

Regarding the soul, I believe it grows with the individual, beginning with the fusion of DNA. While that may not be perfect, it's enough to craft policy, and bestows a certain respect on elders who have grown their souls.

Policy-wise, I'll agree that a straight up ban is counterproductive. People will find more dangerous and destructive means to the same end. However, we can defund the public endorsement that is Planned Parenthood, which would encourage those who were skeptical but uncommitted to complete the ethical course of action.

Lastly, I'll agree we need to address financial distress. We can start by eliminating the income tax, thereby placing more money in every working person's pockets, and incentivizing them to work more. We can solidify the value of the dollar by locking inflation at a low but predictable percentage. Printing money the way the current administration has done should be blocked by a constitutional amendment. Furthermore, we could extend a certain amount of UBI to each dependent, most appropriately a combination of a fixed amount plus a percentage of exported GDP. That much should negate financial distress to those considering abortion.

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Dude. Reddit just bans. It’s their thing. I don’t even know if anyone real posts there any more m.