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That screenshot method isn't fool proof as they could just use inspect element to make it look like their logged into a mods account.

Maybe have the requirement for proof be they have to make a post from their reddit account saying their saidit username?

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Thanks, that's a good idea. I'll amend the post saying they have to PM my Reddit account with their Saidit username.

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Yeah, that's a much better way to do it

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It's a slow burn, but I am subbed to r/watchredditdie for sure.

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since honkler was banned and the conversations between admins and mods was leaked on r/the_cabal, we're probably next on the chopping block. r/the_cabal itself will probably go as well once admins notice it.

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I wonder how far ahead they have it planned out... or if they're just responding to the "problems" as they arise like whack-a-mole.

If they're truly going to go IPO, the investors will demand things of reddit that will make it get even worse. That's scheduled for 2020

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I used to feel a little bad for Reddit when they first started banning hate subs. I get that advertisers dont want to advertise on a website that has subs like r/coontown and that Reddit needs adverts to fund itself. But at the same time as soon as you ban these subs you end up dispersing all the vile racists to the rest of Reddit. They no longer have a place where they can talk among themselves so they have to find a new home, take over a sub, and then that sub is banned. Its pointless to attempt to silence them as they will just keep moving. Its far better to let them have their little community and stay over there then destory it and invite them to pollute the rest of the site.

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Oh no, isn't this that awful Hate Subreddit?! Quickly, we much ban them from participation everywhere!!