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The people getting killed are fathers.

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Gonna have to agree to disagree

If we focus purely on CIA linked activities, a few come to mind

The research studies on "Urban gangs", and CIA promoted drug trafficking

Then the CIA culture war assets like Gloria Steinem pushing propaganda inside Black communities to incite a male/female divide

The social damage from those activities far outweighs the impact of relatively high numbers of deaths (either from police, or even homicide)

Post-WW2 Russia had a massive percent of it's male population exterminated, they still managed to recover without a destroyed family structure because the Soviet government at least encouraged people to do so

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I normally wouldn't spam breitbart links in a lefty sub, but I think this is an important issue to discuss

Inter-generational poverty is a uniquely black issue, due to the disrupted family structures in impoverished cities

Family structure (moreso than "legacy of slavery") is the single biggest correlate with inter-generational extreme poverty

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What does this have to do with BLM though? They didn't create these issues.