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The whole ActBlue thing I really can't answer that one, from what I know it's usually transparent unless it's a Super PAC, but that's what usually the talking point when it's brought up.

From what I heard from few buddies out in the streets a lot, some of speakers mentioned how voting is still important and getting Trump out, they didn't name Biden though. One speaker said to stop listening to the news and that you are still needed out in the streets even when he is gone.

There is definitely been various attempts to co-opt the movement, people don't actually get that BLM never went away, it did die down but it got them motivated especially after Bernie in 2016 to spread out across the nation, they been working hard and their biggest ones been in DC, LA and NY. some of videos I seen were early on when protests started, we saw all their attempts to take control of the narrative, they failed.

After various attempts, their next move now is to do PR work as usual with symbolism. They been passing some "reforms", budgets and pretend that they listening but those things passed are not what they say, they gaslit the people. They talk about the racism in the our system and repeating what people in the past been saying and are saying now as well but they are voting on things that do nothing at all.

Some are actually repeating what Republicans and Trump are saying, how the movement is not about black lives and just anarchists trying to take over the movement, they don't actually say it like the right wingers are but they mean the same thing. Of course, that is far from the truth, in every part of the country everyone is letting black leaders lead the way while everyone else follows them. Many other movements have come together, like tenant unions and other labor movements to join BLM. Many see getting rid of police as first step to freedom

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You can't really know until it is too late, like a lot of things really.

I think maybe pointing to tangible things that could be done that would make things better might make it tougher for them to just give the money to a candidate who isn't all that less bad but who dedicated his whole career creating the kind of world that needed BLM.

I'm swayed increasingly by Coleman Hughes, and think there's a lot wrong with how these matters are being approached by all the major players/groups.