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What would the employees do with $153K each in Amazon stock?

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Stocks can be redeemed for money. Money can be redeemed for goods and services.

They also can have an actual say in shareholder meetings about the board members, policies and direction of the company.

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Who would buy the stocks?

Why didn't they opt for equity instead of a wage.

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Any investor would buy the stocks they wouldn't be worthless.

Bezos divesting isn't going to make Amazon nothing or thanos snap it. As of 10/27/20 Amazon's market cap is an ridiculous $1.63 Trillion.

Their share price is $3257

$200 Billion liquidation is only 12% of Amazon's market cap.

If all liquidated at once it would temporarily drop Amazon to $2,866 which investors would gobble up as quickly as it is sold.

I say they should get both equity and wage. $150K is enough to buy a modest home in most locations. I guess that's discussion for a union later.

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Why would it better if those investors owned Amazon stock instead of Bezos?

Bezos would no longer run the company.

Why would it drop to $2,866?

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Does anyone really give a flying rats ass if Bezos is in charge? He can keep 1% - $2 Billion and his quality of life will not change. He can live out the rest of his life in luxury.

If the board loves him, they can keep him. His stock has some control over 12% of the voting shares that can influence the board, but he will constantly be overruled by the 88%

The institutional shareholders control majority voting control. They can vote him in or out and even if Bezos uses all his share-votes to disagree, he would still be out voted.

Why would it drop to $2866 - Assumption that his networth is all stock and not liquid cash in a pentagon sized Scrooge McDuck Vault. If he were to sell his shares at once it would be a temporary hit to the value of the shares as a whole. So 88% - if it was all liquidated into cash vs share transfer - of $3257 is $2866.16

Other people, Bezos, institutions will see a sale on Amazon and the share price will come back up within a short period of time.

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The shareholders probably do care, he's made them a lot of money.

He's tha chairman of the board. He controls more than his stake.

You assume the stock price would fall 12 %, if 12 % of the outstanding shares was sold?

Him being in charge has nothing to do with the share price?

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Reminder: The vast overwhelming majority of his wealth is in amazon stock. If he started selling it off to give his employees 153k each, the stock price would crash and it'd barely be worth anything.