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I could say, "Why do you care what's happening on Reddit?"

But really I do have an explanation. Schadenfreude. The anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers have been so utterly obnoxious and horrible, it's kind of hilarious watching them get their comeuppance. Most people are at the "fuck this, let them die if they don't want to get vaxxed" stage. We've carried you all for a long time and we're done. Now you're just clogging up the hospitals and preventing normal people from getting care that has nothing to do with the pandemic.

So, lose your job. Die. I don't care. Just don't kill me or your kids while you're doing it.

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A couple of sane posts amidst a whole lot of hatefulness and spite.

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so, reddit being reddit as always. Leave reddit to the groomers and pedos and sock puppets and idiots. Those are who it was made for.

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Some rancid people in that comment thread.

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It's like looking into the abyss. Sickening really. The establishment is a master at turning neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother.

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Not posting on reddit WOTB because I don't want to have a brigade over there or on this. Just posting because it's frightening how these people act towards fellow humans. How much they drank the kool aid in "only the unvaccinated spread it" with a virus that spreads asymptomaticly and a vaccine that is leaky.

Seems that OP is a 3month young Reddit account dedicated to demonizing the nursing profession.