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I have always been suspicious of who the Nazi's really were. It is one hell of a coincidence that the Jews who were at the center of it all were just happened to be called Ashkenazi jews. It all started when the Zionist leaders in Europe (Rothschilds) Did a deal with the British Government during WW1 that resulted in the British Government declaring their support for a new jewish state in Palestine. Then so conveniently when WW1 ended, the league of nations appointed Britain to take authority in Palestine.

Ten years later in 1932 Hitler comes to power and signs the agreement with the Zionist leaders that initiates the Haavara program to start shipping Germany's Jews to Palestine. All of this started to go wrong because the Jews formed paramilitary terrorist groups in Palestine and started a campaign of terrorist bombings and shootings to run the indigenous Palestinians off their lands in preparation for creating an exclusively Jewish state.

The British, who were still in authority in Palestine were therefore stuck in the middle between Germany and the Jew terrorists on one side and the Arab league of nations on the other who were demanding the British do something about the terrorism. The result was the British Whitepaper of May 1939 that heavily restricted any further Jew immigration to Pestine and THAT was the real reason for WW2. The only way Germany could continue the Haavara program would be to kick the British out of the region.

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NSFW - but when claims come in "but Zelinsky is Jewish! How can he be supporting Nazis?" Well here's your sign. Nazi Jewish immigrants from Ukraine and Russia. All they needed was a Jewish grandparent to get Israeli citizenship.

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Do how many nazis are there in the Ukraine?