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After posting this analysis by Fuller, whom I had never heard of, I came across these comments in a MOA thread and decided to pass them on:

Interesting read, but I’d take a Fuller perspective with a little more than a grain of salt. For sure he is/ was deeply involved in the Gulen movement in Turkey… a fact I randomly stumbled over while browsing one of my daughters poli-sci text books years ago. Subsequent to that I seem to recall he was some how tangled up with the Boston Marathon alleged bombing. I make no claim as to the veracity if any of what I’ve brought up here, but since narrative control is a stated goal of the spooks a bit of scepticism is probably advised.

Fuller married his daughter to the chief of the Tsarnaev clan. Basically traded her as meat in pursuit of high casualties in the Chechen wars. Sponsored the Tsarnaevs of Boston when they immigrated. First year they were in country they lived in his home. You wonder why the Tsarnaev kid smirked chuckled and laughed all through his trial? He outranked prosecutor judge and jury. He is not in custody.

Fuller is also 85 years old. And Bernhard is right to quote him. America does not have anyone less slimy and Fuller seems to be smarter than the usual slime.

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That is if Russia ever wants to supply Europe with gas again and why should they when nearly all the EU has made it clear they support the demise of Russia? The European leaders have made an enemy of the largest and most powerful nation in Europe because they are weak cowards that are led by the nose by the US and I doubt Russia will be willing to forget this in a hurry.

All of the EU leaders had to know the Russian invasion was a response to a Ukranian military shelling of the Donbass in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions because all of that military activity was meticulously reported by the OSCE Monitoring Mission to Ukraine in daily reports that documented everything that was going on. These reports showed thousands of violations of the ceasefire by the Ukranian military in the weeks leading up to the Russian invasion so when the NATO and EU leaders describe the Russian invasion like it was some kind of unprovoked attack they are absolutely lying.

Russia invaded to protect the ethnic Russian people of Eastern Ukraine from a genocide by the CIA backed, Russian hating, neo nazi Ukrainian military units in Eastern Ukraine and all the OSCE reports that show what they were doing on a day by day basis were available for all of Europe to read.

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What you say is all true. I would add that what the US and NATO were doing and prodding Ukraine to do was intended to provoke Russia into invading because they hoped Russia would get bogged down in a long war there that sapped them economically while the West simultaneously took a bulldozer to Russia's economy via the sanctions. But Russia has known this was inevitable since at least 2014 and have been preparing economically and militarily since then. As for the Russian people, many of whom were previously pro-West, they have witnessed the hatred and contempt toward Russians and their culture that permeates Western societies and they will never forget that.

Western political leaders are globalists who display all the hubris and privilege of the elite. Of course, they knew what Ukraine was doing to the residents of the Donbass but they didn't care, just like they don't care about the Ukraininans fighting their proxy war or the Ukrainian civilians trying to survive in a war-ravaged country. This was evident by their outrage over the reduction in gas to Europe via Nord Stream because the turbine sent to Canada for repairs couldn't be returned to Russia because of the sanctions. Even if it's true that the Russians used this as a chance to troll Europe, how ridiculous is it to get your panties in a twist when you've done everything in your power to destroy them economically? It's like saying, "you have to keep playing nice while we play dirty." Such is their "rules-based order", where they decide what the rules are and who has to follow them, i.e., not them.