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The above summary was originally posted in r/WayOfTheBern, and this was my response to a question about timestamps:

Yeah, should have included timestamps but I organized it by topic instead of laying it out chronologically, and there was overlap where they talked about something briefly in one place and in more detail later on.

So the timestamp would depend on what you're interested in. It starts with Alexander summing up the political and economic situation the world is in. The US economy discussion starts about 11:20, the bit about the FOIA lawsuit is brief and starts about 11:50, the bit about the wrong inflaction and retail prices (Alexander) is about 18:10 to 20:13.

BRICS mention is brief, starts at about 1:00 or so.

Observations on Deep State incompetence is about 43:35 and leads into discussion about 1960s assasinations.

Financial Times piece about weapons to Ukraine about 56:18.

Starting about 22:25 is Robert talking about the Democrats disastrous position - Biden has every problem that sinks an incumbent president: personal scandals; a sinking economy; and a foreign war debacle. There's a long discussion I didn't summarize above about the anti-war populist GOP candidates who are getting voter support; how the coming midterms will resemble the 1984 election in terms of the sweep. and the likelihood that there will be investigations and impeachment hearings in January if Biden is still in office.

If the Deep State decides Biden has to go, how they might accomplish this and why they prefer Buttigieg to Harris starts about 36:57.

The confession through projection discussion starts about 47:00 with Alexander asking what was known about Biden's corruption, etc. before he was selected to be the nominee, and gets into some detail about what the most recent Hunter Biden leaks reveal about the long history of corruption.

The illusion of control as a core problem as political leaders flounder to deal with a problem that has no easy fix begins about 1:47:00.