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PCR has always been good. Yeah, I said this from the beginning. We should have allied with Russia against China. That would have served our national interests, not globalist interests.

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USA shot itself in the head when it de-industrialized just to spite the working class and take away our political leverage, what little we had.

Then it shot itself in the head again by financializing its economy, because rich people wanted free money.

And again in '08 when Obama bailed out the banks and papered over obvious criminality, including from the ratings agencies, which was a flashing red light to the entire world that the US banking system could no longer be trusted.

Then it shot itself in the head yet again by attacking Russia's currency reserves, SWIFT and all that, and telling China that they're next.

And yet again with the proxy war in Ukraine, and letting the insane run the asylum. The 3 stooges of the Apocalypse, Blinken Nuland and Sullivan, plus the Alzheimer's in Chief, are even pushing long-term allies like KSA to bolt and look for reliable trading partners elsewhere. And the war is revealing the once-mighty US military as a paper tiger (as if Afghanistan hadn't already proven that), and Wunderwaffen to be inferior to Russia's.

At this point, USA has shot itself in the head so many times I don't see how it can possibly come back. Re-industrialization? Puhleeze. USA is far too corrupt and dysfunctional to start building factories again, and try to rebuild manufacturing hubs. They would bring in undocumented immigrants and pre-teens for $4 an hour, and wonder why the machines aren't humming like in China. Manufacturing takes an entire city to support, and generational knowledge. You can't rebuild either by throwing money at them while simultaneously keeping up the attack on the working class.

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This comment should be broadcast as a SOTU address, and read into the congressional record as the official cause of death in our nation's autopsy.