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Russia has several other options before it must consider the use of tactical nukes. They can intensify targeting of bases and assembly points where Western forces are operating. They can impose a no-fly zone over the Black Sea for Western ISR platforms and then destroy any assets that dare venture into the forbidden area. Russia can take out the Starlink satellite that is enabling Ukrainian battlefield communications. I think there is little chance the Russians will go after the satellite because the Russians are probably exploiting it for intel purposes and are becoming more adept at jamming communications when necessary.

The Ukrainians are playing with fire by escalating in this manner. So too is NATO, which is really calling the shots here.

Despite my initial alarm over the Ukrainian attack on the Russian ICBM radar site in Voronezh, the Russian news media is paying little attention to the matter. It is not clear what hit the buildings. Does not appear to be the work of an ATACMs missile. The hole punched in the side of the building on the right in the photo below, shows no signs of fire or explosive force. Just a hole. Nonetheless, it is still a serious escalation on the part of Ukraine. It is akin to hitting a civilian apartment building in Belgorod. It does not enhance Ukraine’s tactical or strategic capabilities nor does it weaken Russia’s. It is gratuitous violence, e.g., Ukraine’s punching a hole in a wall.

Before we judge, let's wait and see how Russia responds.

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Interesting points. Seems to me Putin is well-aware that a NATO nuclear response to a Russian nuke launch would be very bad for Russia.

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On the contrary it would be mutually assured destruction.

As far as conventional firepower, Russia vastly out guns the West.