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Alright, I'm imagining being an engineer who can't get any loans for his projects, can't get any insurance for his house and can't get any pension for his retirement.

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The financial system is a living system. Money represents the value of your work in keeping others alive and happy and it represents the value of the work others must undertake to keep you alive and happy.

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I agree with the sentiment - but how do we get from A to B, in this case?

Many people are too lazy to become politically or socially active beyond voting, many people are selfish or greedy and won't put in effort without return (either material or financial, let's be honest) - too many people are just straight up black-pilled about the future.

It's nice to think about an ideal future, but until there's a plan to get from A to B,it's just day-dreams.

I'm not here to disparage the idea or the optimism, quite the contrary, I want to discuss solutions.

How you think we get there?

Obviously the origin of money - and how it is calculated and grows needs to change, to attempt to eliminate inflation (aside from natural inflation caused by cost of raw materials, obviously) - the voting method and what precisely people are voting for needs to change too, edu and healthcare need public private partnerships (ie: in America: private only healthcare, terrible, terrible system, in Canada: public only healthcare, terrible, terrible system...).

What else... obviously regulatory capture needs to be cancelled out, tax exemption needs to be reversed.

Taxation could be easily accomplished by taxing the top 50% only, save some money by ending some wars and piss-poor social-aid programs...

That's all I got at the moment.

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UN Agenda 21 is working on a solution to this question, and we're not going to like it.

Think densely populated "sustainable" living spaces.

Sustainable also means the decisions selected by the technocrats.