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In 1893 a new Memphis-Misraim rite was established in Paris under the influence of Spiritists and the Gnostic Church. Theosophical Society (Helena Blavatsky), Ordo Templi Orientis (Theodor Reuss) and Martinism (Gerard Encausse), were all connected and involved in this. If there was a document explaining Napoleon III’s methods in Misraim lodge archives, any of these organizations might have obtained it.

The occult line of Philalethes and Mizraim was organized by Theodore Reuss into the Masonic Academy, which later developed into Ordo Templi Orientalis (O.T.O.). As a summary, Freemasonry was strongly connected with revolutionary movements during the time 1770-1890. Regular Freemasonry was involved in Italy, as the Grand Orient of Italy is regular. Most of the revolutionary activities were made by the Memphis and Mizraim lodges belonging to the irregular Grand Orient of France. The Bavarian Illuminati was under the Strict Observance. Carbonaries and communists are not Masonic but they have personal links to Masonic organizations.

A less known, but provable, connection is between theosophy, O.T.O. and Nazis and the so called Synarchy plot. When the Paris Commune fell, the revolutionary Freemason lodges largely stopped. Memphis and Misraim Freemasonry was reorganized as Memphis-Misraim rite Freemasonry, which was no longer revolutionary. But there was an effort to create new Illuminati. The Theosophical Society took part in this effort together with Freemasons and other esoteric societies. Instead of new political Illuminati, they created O.T.O., which focused on occult. But O.T.O. was not the only new effort. Theosophists were active in the Fabian Society and in the separation of India form England. It may be said that some credit in breaking up the British Empire goes to political Theosophy.

At 1895 Carl Keller was trying to form his Academica Masonica as a Masonic organization, but as sex magic was central to Keller’s ideas, women were necessary. Keller applied to several existing bodies, including Freemasonry, and the final solution was to rename the Hermetic Order of Light as the Ordo Templi Orientis. Keller acquired Masonic rites to his organization: the first six rites are from regular Freemasonry, the higher orders are from the Rite of Mizraim and also from Swedenborg’s Rite. Whether Albert Pike was in any way involved with the birth of O.T.O. is not known, but he was familiar with the writings of Eliphas Levy. More is known of A.E. Waite. He was a member of the Hermetic Order of Light and must have been fully familiar with O.T.O. and Keller’s efforts to found Academica Masonica, open only to advanced Masons. Thus, Waite pretending not to know of any connections between sex magic and Freemasonry is clearly an intentional cover up. As for Luciferian worship, the teachings of O.T.O. are Luciferian and Gnostic. The Gnostic Church is closely connected with O.T.O. Their main claim, as with any Gnostic teachings, is that there are the higher good God and the lower evil God, the God in the Bible is the latter, and Jesus is the Messiah of the lower God. Lucifer is the Messiah of the higher God. It is obvious to anybody familiar with the writings of Albert Pike and the symbolism of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry (SRF), that SRF contains this Gnostic, or Manichean, doctrine. Thus, while regular Freemasonry does not admit women, does not practice sex magic, and is not Luciferian, there exists an inner circle O.T.O that has all these features. It is a Rosicrucian secret society but is rites are essentially Masonic. There is no independent Rosicrucian movement, maybe there once was, or maybe it was a joke, but later it was always Masonic. The O.T.O. society was established at the time of Taxil’s hoax and at the time of Albert Pike, both of whom must have been aware of it. So with Freemasonry rebutting claims against it, it is always only half truths. The best to say would be to admit and assure that it is past, if it is past.

Theosophy has given birth to very many secret societies, some being Christian, some Luciferian. Cabbalistic ideas are one of the main sources of this occult mysticism, but in the Christian form. Thus, the Anti-Christ features prominently in three systems. Connections between Theosophy and the Ariosophy are close, shown in the symbolisms: swastika, Aryan race, and superhuman. The Thule Society was an Ariosophic secret society that created the Nazi party. The set of occult secret societies includes the Golden Dawn, AMORC, O.T.O., The Church of Satan, I AM, Wicca, and so on. Theosophists and Rosicrucians are usually less interested in infiltrating organizations but a modern form of this line is actively doing so, namely the Scientology. The link between Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O) and Scientology is not generally understood. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, considered himself as an incarnation of Aleister Crowley, the 666 Beast, and according to his son, Hubbard in fact considered himself an incarnation of the Satan. Crazy or not, Hubbard was assisting the talented NASA rocket scientist John Person in the Babalon Works, i.e., an effort to give birth to the Moon Child, a character that can be equated with the Anti-Christ of Christians. The influence of Rosicrucian secret societies and Theosophy in politics has usually been smaller than that of Illuminati/communists, but Rosicrucian influence among science seems surprisingly large.

There is a personal and ideological continuum from the Bavarian Illuminati, through Jacobins and Carbonari to Communists. The Egyptian Freemasonry, founded by Cagliostro, and its later developments: the Rite of the Philadelphes, the Rite of Mizraim, the Rite of Memphis, and the merged form the Rite of Memphis-Mizraim under the irregular Grand Orient of France, have been closely associated with all of the revolutionary movements between 1770 and 1870. Zionism originates from the Grand Orient of France and there are personal connections tying both Zionism and communism to B’nai B’rith and Anti-Defemation League (ADL). The support of international bankers to communism, and also to Nazism, has been shown by several historians. This support has mainly come from Anglo-American and Jewish sources. As the Grand Orient of France was not active in these countries and Freemasonry is implied in this support, the lodges behind these subversive movements must have been some secret group inside regular Freemasonry.

Inner circles of Zionism with the support of international bankers seems to be the only surviving secret society that may have the role today. There is B’nai B’rith and Anti-Defamation League. Much more could be said, but will not be said in this short overview. Some related literature is listed in the references, but it is not all recommended, e.g., Antelman makes a too strong link to Sabbateans.