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A great post. Thanks. Keep sharing it where apt!

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Jason Bermas is shilling like a bitch with the hoax.

He's saying panic will grow "when they're going to be rolling out 1500-2000 bodies a day" from New York.

He lives in New York and I refuse to believe he hasn't seen the hundreds of videos posted if empty hospitals, and parked ambulances.

It's all a hoax.

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I think he's buying into it whole cloth for some reason(s). I don't know why he's not being more skeptical like Kim Iversen, etc.

Also, just because there are lots of images of mass burials, how do we know they're not just burying empty plywood boxes? Or maybe they had over stocked their morgues, or maybe they stopped using their freezers, or maybe they were saving up, from prisons, or any number of reasons why the powers that be have taken that route. It's sketchy at best.

Also also, just because there are a few mass burials, does not mean that it's a national thing. A picture or few doesn't sell me. Kinda the way Ryan Dawson insists the plane hit the Pentagon, with a lot of photos of burnt stuff and a few bodies - but I haven't seen enough concrete proof of airplane and bodies amid all that charred stuff.

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I don't know why he's not being more skeptical like Kim Iversen, etc.

That suspicious lack of scepticism...
Controlled opposition.

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You could be correct.

I really hope not.

We all have blind spots.

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